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Flexim - Ultrasonic Flow Meters & Process Analyzers 

Flexim GmbH is a leading manufacturer of clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement offering you the ideal flow meters even for the most testing of conditions. Here you can check Liquid Flow Meters, Gas Flow Meters and ultrasonic clamp-on transducers from Flexim. We also have a separate section on the details of brand Flexim with a brief note on the various equipments and services of Flexim. We will be adding more products from Flexim to this section so that you need not have to search for them anywhere online.

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FLEXIM FLUXUS F601 Portable Ultrasonic Multi-Functional Flowmeter for Liquids 
FLEXIM FLUXUS F601 Portable Ultrasonic Multi-Functional Flowmeter for Liquids This flexible and easy to use portable flow meter is ideal for the support of service and maintenance activit...
FLEXIM FLUXUS G601 Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Gases 
FLEXIM FLUXUS G601 Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Gases The FLUXUS® G601 measures the flow of gases using FLEXIM's proven transit-time correlation technique. Special ultrasonic Lamb a...
About Flexim:
FLEXIM GmbH is one of the leading players in the manufacture of ultrasonic flow measurement devices with ideal flow metering solutions for a gamut of applications. This exclusive section for FLEXIM will take you through the history and growth of FLEXIM GmbH as a leading global brand. The product range of FLEXIM including Non-Intrusive ultrasonic flowmeters, Energy flow metering devices, PIOX R process Refractrometers, RMKoeff software, PIOX S measuring system, Transmitter PIOX TR, FLEXIM WaveInjector, FLUXUS G series transducers and Test & Measurement Instruments (for virtually every application) has been exhaustively covered with the salient features, benefits and applications in this section. Furthermore, FLEXIM is known for its technical and customer support, the details of which are covered in another segment. In this section, we have listed several products from FLEXIM including Ultrasonic flow measurement devices, Rack Flow meters, Gas Flow Meters, etc for you to make the most of... Read More