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BROCKHAUS Rotor Tester

BROCKHAUS Rotor Tester 
  • Determination of multipolar magnetized permanent magnet rotors
  • Testing of field strength distribution
  • Variable adjustment for rotors with different overall size
  • Variable number of hall sensors
  • Software with numerous statistical functions
  • Display of field distribution, peak value, zero crossover, total flux for each pole

Product Details

The rotor tester system determines the symmetry of multipolar magnetized DC permanent magnet rotors.

The measuring system measures the magnetic field strength over the surface of a rotating rotor and determines the distribution of the field, its peak values, zero crossovers and their distance, as well as the total flux of each pole. Depending on these values the symmetry of the magnetization can be calculated.

The measuring system consists of the following components: Mechanics equipped with drive for the admission and turn of the rotors, measuring sensor system with hall sensors, Gaussmeter for field strength measurement , software package ROT-EXPERT, PC interface for the data acquisition and control of the measuring procedure.

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