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Innovative Utility Products Fault Wizard Primary Cable Fault Location System

INNOVATIVE UTILITY PRODUCTS Fault Wizard Primary Cable Fault Location System 
  • Three Modes of operation in one compact mode & Adjustable Output Voltage
  • Truly Portable - Battery Powered, Weighing only 50 lbs & Size 25.4x45.7x48.2cm
  • Fault Wizard Software Included - Allows optional waveform viewing on a computer

Product Details

INNOVATIVE UTILITY PRODUCTS Fault Wizard Primary Cable Fault Location System

The Fault Wizard is a truly portable, relatively inexpensive, and user-friendly fault location system for primary underground cable. The system is based on the new automated arc-reflection technology (AART) developed by IUP. The display shows the distance in feet or meters to the fault location. The display also shows the fault type (open or short), the battery voltage, the velocity of propagation setting, the charge voltage, and whether the system is armed for waveform storage for retrieval and viewing on a computer (desktop or laptop) by utilizing the Fault Wizard Software. However, as stated before, viewing of the waveforms is not required since the Fault Wizard gives an automatic readout of distance to the fault location. Since the system is battery operated, it can be used in remote locations.

The Fault Wizard will shoot through transformers and will locate faults up to 10,000 feet. Therefore, the Fault Wizard is great for faulted-cable section isolation. The impulse voltage is variable, which allows low-voltage pulsing and minimum damage to cables. The system has a cycle mode for use in pinpointing the fault with a headset listening device. However, the Fault Wizard has sufficient power to often be felt and heard above ground.
In cycle mode, the Fault Wizard's batteries will last over 1 hour (full battery charge) and deliver a 350 J pulse (10 kV charge voltage) every 6 seconds. The cycle rate is faster at lower voltage settings. The system also has a hi-pot mode (DC output variable from 0 to 10 kV) for checking the breakdown voltage of the fault in an isolated section of cable or the integrity of an isolated section of cable (to insure the fault is in that section of cable before re-energizing).

The battery voltage will flash on the display when the batteries are low and need recharged. Battery recharging is accomplished through the 120 VAC socket located on the panel. Changing the velocity of propagation setting is easily accomplished by up and down buttons located on the panel. The Fault Wizard's internal system is environmentally shielded and housed in a very durable rotationally-molded polyethylene case. Three handles are attached to the case for convenient carrying by one or two people.

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