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Metrel MD 9040 Digital Multimeter

METREL MD 9040 Digital Multimeter 
  • TRMS : accurate readings on sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal signals
  • Data Hold :  data hold feature freezes the display for later view
  • Auto-ranging: user can switch between auto and manual ranging

Product Details

METREL MD 9040 Digital Multimeter

CAT IV/1000 V overvoltage category and TRMS measurement of AC current and voltage are key features of the MD 9040. That’s why it is particularly suitable for measurements on power supply sources and the most demanding applications in the industrial sector. Its high accuracy, etc.


- TRMS DC and AC voltage up to 1000 V
- TRMS DC and AC current measurement up to 10 A
- Diode test
- Resistance measurement
- Continuity test
- Frequency measurement
- Capacitance measurement
- Temperature measurement

Key Features

• TRMS: accurate readings on sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal signals.
• Lead alert: incorrect lead connection alert.
• Auto-ranging: user can switch between auto and manual ranging.
• Relative zero mode: relative function for comparing the difference between signals or removing background noise.
• MAX/MIN/AVG: recording of maximum, minimum and average values.
• Data Hold: data hold feature freezes the display for later view.
• PC Link: test results can be downloaded to the computer via the optional PC software.
• Frequency measurement: up to 1 MHz.
• Safety: CAT IV / 1000 V overvoltage protection.
• Easy to read: large bright 4 digits 9999 counts dual LCD display

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