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Elspec Engineering Ltd. based in Caesarea Israel is a global solution provider where it has acquired extraordinary repute as a company offering power quality solutions & services. Since its inception in 1988, Elspec has persistently worked towards developing solutions that are technologically advanced. The emphasis on manufacturing proven power quality solutions and quality assurance had helped Elspec deliver state of the art Electrical Network Analysis Technologies. Today, the company has a global presence covering over 75 countries and an expert professional team whose electrical engineering capabilities and knowledge are the two pillars of their business operations.

Being a reputed global company in the electrical industry sector, Elspec continues to deliver flexible solutions through its energy equipments that include electrical power quality analyzers, real time power factor correction systems, power quality meters, and a host of other energy optimizing applications and test & measurement equipments. It has other regional offices in the U.S. Portugal and India. The application, implementation and analysis of power quality monitoring systems and power factor correction tools are required by the industrial, utility as well as commercial sectors worldwide.


The technology deployed by Elspec for comprehensive and accurate Power quality analysis primarily focuses on optimization of data so acquired through effective use of patented data compression technology referred to as PQZip also known as Power Quality Zip. PQZip as such facilitates continuous data recording of electrical parameters and associated facets without any gaps proficiently for a considerable duration of time without necessitating any kind of event thresholds. Electronic switches are used to switch on and off Elspec Equalizer and Activar systems switch capacitors bank. Here the switch on connection as well as the disconnection takes place at the zero-current crossing point which results in circumventing issues that may be caused due to transient effects.

Elspec’s professionals and experts study and research to obtain a crystal clear understanding of the electrical engineering capabilities and appropriateness of the solutions they offer. The aim and objective behind every solution is to simplify the dynamics and depth of quality of power, factors affecting its compatibility and enhancement of the overall electrical network power quality. Elspec’s R&D Department works meticulously to research every associated area of power quality, efficient application and solution development. Investment in R&D accounts for 5% of the company’s annual turnover.

Elspec innovative products may be found as installations in Data Centers, Plastic & Silicon Factories, Electrical Utilities, Commercial Buildings, Car Manufacturers, Healthcare Centers, and Port Authorities, etc. In OEM Partnership with Siemens, Vestas and Nordex, Elspec’s installations in Wind Turbines is available in 20 countries covering 5 continents.

Elspec’s journey of developing ground breaking innovations through many years of perfecting craftsmanship, excellent engineering capabilities and interaction with clients has helped the company to achieve accolades of success through its applications and solutions.

Solutions & Applications Elspec today, from what it envisaged has rapidly grown to evolve as a company whose solutions and applications are at the very core of expanding engineering innovations. One can almost refer to the engineering capabilities as “Industry 4.0”, in the context of the fourth industrial renaissance that characterizes new and improvised working methodologies delivering self-optimization, cognition, self-configuration, self-diagnosis, and able support from the team to work smarter and be successful in the ever intricate tasks processes. Elspec’s technical expertise facilitates a simpler understanding of power quality and eliminates any inherent issues with regards to compatibility thus helping businesses to improve power quality.

Utilities & Smart Grids Elspec innovation and ability to break through ordinary technological advancements has led to grid optimization and its digital intelligence, thus delivering comprehensive grid protection on multiple levels, and lending a dynamic new dimension for electrical energy distribution. Continuous accurate data recordings, specific and precise metering, simplified multi-faceted analyzers and well developed application software provides complete two-way electrical energy control starting from the point of origin right up to the end-user. Elspec metering devices integrate advanced control having automated functions, power quality, intelligent fault-recorder and the sequence of events also referred to as SOE and regular analysis as well as report generation. The data so generated by Elspec Meters leads to empowerment of utilities as well as end-users in a similar manner along with providing necessary information facilitating identification of faulty equipments, elimination of potential losses and reduction of energy costs. Elspec's Innovative Power Quality Meters further increase effectiveness of planning and also additionally prevent potential losses by protecting your equipment.

Critical Power Elspec resolute focus in providing solutions for critical power issues include eliminating down-time, investigating to identify root-causes resulting or leading to power failures, providing appropriate equipment protection, securing energy and all related aspects of the network's electric quality. Elspec has all the solutions a business could fathom as long term resolutions for ongoing electrical power quality issues.

Energy Management Energy management has challenged the learning of many experts, however Elspec through its strategic focus and ways has been able to help businesses adopt equipment and methods that deliver sustainable and efficient electrical energy. There are varying solutions offering the best power quality monitoring, accurate and detailed analysis and applications that enhance systems all that enable implementation of a strategy depending upon energy management needs respectively.

Industry Any organization’s road to success is mapped by fulfilling production goals, optimizing resource usage, maximizing equipment potential, preventing downtime, reducing wastage and eliminating unnecessary expenses caused due to lack of planning or malfunctioning. Elspec industry solutions help companies succeed by employing smart solutions and applications.

Monitoring & Protection Elspec Power Quality Analyzers are their unique BLACKBOX device series, revolutionary next generation devices that are backed by PQZIP patented compression technology. This technology enables these devices to record information continually thus providing for accurate analysis and monitoring of more than 10,000 electrical parameters. The device accurately identifies and isolates all possible deviations inherent in the electrical system, additionally enabling PQ monitoring optimization efficiently and further allowing preventive maintenance. The perfectly adaptable range helps every business to understand its power usage, average as well as when electric power usage is maximum, major loads, costs incurred for usage and power quality overall.

Portable Devices The portable devices designed by Elspec include BLACKBOX Class A portable analyzers and Power Quality Meters that monitor electricity in the systems. As such these devices have helped deliver to those responsible for electrical systems in the field and those responsible high definition power quality data without any missed events, remote connectivity as well as an easy set up. Elspec portable devices offer comprehensive understanding of utility costs, boost efficiency, enable installation of devices that save energy, facilitate exploring smarter energy alternatives, essentially fulfilling all energy monitoring needs.

Test & Measurement Equipments of Elspec

Elspec G4500 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer Elspec G4500 BLACKBOX is the next generation in PQ Analyzers that provides accurate detection & isolation of PQ problems for effective preventive maintenance. The latest and inventive in the next generation PQ analyzers is the Elspec G4500 BLACKBOX that accurately detects and isolates PQ problems so that preventive maintenance is effective overall. The patented data compression algorithm and PQZIP empower the device, the BLACKBOX stores waveforms of each and every network cycle at a resolution of 1024 samples per cycle onboard for almost more than a year. If portable analysis is required remotely, the wireless G4500 BLACKBOX is the ultimate solution as it has a built-in 802.11 b/g access point as well as an Ethernet router.

Elspec G3500 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyser The Elspec G3500 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer (PQA) is PQZIP enabled offering all the benefits of continuous waveform recordings, and is equipped with the salient features for effective Portable Power Quality Analysis at an affordable price. Intended and diligently designed, the portable G3500 BlackBox Portable Power Quality Analyzer meets the needs of Site Engineers, Electrical consultants as well as for Electrical Utilities for PQ Analysis with no missed events, Quick and easy setup, remote connectivity and a plug and play device. The PQZIP facilitates the portable BlackBox to record and retain information pertinent to electrical waveforms, time, extended periods without any inherent gaps in the data.

Elspec Fixed Systems Elspec fixed systems include its BLACKBOX device series delivering the ultimate performance for both fixed as well as permanent power quality monitoring. It is PQZIP enabled, continuously records system capabilities, has a relatively easy installation and if necessary may be freed from inherent thresholds. Elspec Fixed system BLACKBOX device series exceeds requirements for IEC 61000-4-30 class A, making it superior in terms of its performance in power quality parameters and can capture the minutest and finest of trivia and deviations. The fixed systems including the Elspec Meters also possess a specifically designed device synchronization algorithm facilitating analysis, full control, and comparison of time-synchronized data recorded by various BLACKBOX devices either for a field or multiple fields. Effectively the BLACKBOX device series range comprehensively covers every facet of power quality analysis, digital fault recording and other aspects of smart meters.

Elspec G4430 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer The Elspec G4430 BLACKBOX PQA capabilities make it the best fit solution as its unique adaptability caters to specific needs for individuals or for businesses. BLACKBOX device G4K series is compliant with aggregation standards, flagging standards, time clock uncertainty as well as transient influence quantities. Elspec G4430 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer with an innovative design is a technological breakthrough providing the perfect PQ Analysis solution. It is designed to address the individual needs and requirements for almost any business and, or application.

Elspec G4420 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer The Elspec G4420 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer comes with PQZIP patented compression technology. It offers continuous waveform recordings and is the mid-ranged module of the series. The Elspec G4420 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer is among the mid ranged module from the G4K series. It is enhanced and extremely adaptable wherein it can record and store electrical waveforms up to a 1000 times more in comparison with others, facilitates continuous recording. It is user friendly and can be installed easily and in terms of performance, it is far more superior and uses dual-range gain of 2 x 16 Bit to yield surpassing requirements for IEC 61000-4-30 class A, capturing the minutest of details and power quality parameter deviations. The device also deploys a specific device synchronization algorithm that facilitates controlling, comparing and analyzing time-synchronized data presented on the similar time scale with a classic 0.1 ms resolution

Elspec G4410 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer The Elspec G4410 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer is PQZIP enabled offering all the benefits of continuous waveform recordings. It is a compact and economical alternative of the Elspec G4K Series. Among Elspec premier products the revolutionary technologically well- designed Elspec G4410 BlackBox device series tops the series as its compact and economically a better alternative from the G4K series. The G4410 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer is among the value addition to the fixed type G4K BLACKBOX series. The G4410 uses PQZIP compression technology thus offering all possible advantages of continuous waveform recordings.

Power Quality Management Software Elspec through intensive research has developed fundamentally comprehensive and a versatile range of power quality applications and software that is perceptive, quick and whose easy implementation and compatibility make it suitable for system integration. Elspec formulation and designing of software optimizes power quality solutions by first identifying underlying variables part of the optimization process and improvising operations while managing them in a convenient and secure network environment using cost and time effective strategies.

Applications Application development and technology has been among Elspec’s strength as a solution provider. These advanced applications are designed to deliver complete software solutions for any electrical network, enable comprehensive monitoring, provide detailed in-depth analysis, enable overall system control, conduct testing, optimize system functioning and generate reports by using the right power quality tools. Elspec applications include its power quality data management system also referred to as PQSCADA and a super-efficient power quality analytical system also known as Investigator. These are used for the particular testing system or Testinator within a secure database environment. The designing aims at delivering solutions that leverage energy management by deploying comprehensive performance indicators.

PQSCADA The Elspec Power Quality Management Software empowers the BLACKBOX device series with an unparalleled data recording capability offering the most accurate detection and isolation of all PQ anomalies for diagnosis & effective maintenance of equipment. The supreme data recording ability of the Elspec PQSCADA (Power Quality Management Software Suite) gives the BLACKBOX device series outstanding accuracy detection as well as PQ anomalies isolation that facilitates diagnostic equipment analysis and maintenance. To exactly identify power quality details for more than 10,000 parameters you can just zoom in from a year’s worth of continuously recorded data to less than a millisecond. Troubleshooting for a site or across multiple sites is a simple step by step process backed by total management as well control over time synchronized data from any number of BLACKBOX devices.

Elspec Investigator
The Elspec Investigator has a unique capability which makes it feasible to analyze specific detailed data over an extensive range of measurements including RMS, Harmonics, Frequencies, Energy, THD, Statistics, Interharmonics, Trends, K-Factor, Events, Crest-Factor and others. The Elspec Investigator enables focusing on specific data details covering a vast measurement range including RMS, Harmonics, Frequencies, Energy, THD, Statistics, Interharmonics, and Trends, K-Factor, Events, Crest-Factor and others. Power quality details can be identified as cycle by cycle or in line with PQSCADA's pre-configured compliance standard.

System Aids A dynamic and well receptive logical development strategy has enabled Elspec to develop an array of system aids automating varying configurations and power quality analysis. Additionally these provide ease of use to end users eliminating unnecessary elements such as wastage of time and nature of being counter-productive.

PQ Report Engine Elspec PQ Report Engine or power quality report engine generates reports automatically on the basis of specified compliance, electrical parameters, field or event, fault location, transients and various other aspects. The BLACKBOX records PQ data which can be adapted to produce reports that have past, present or pre-scheduled period settings as well.

TOU Studio Elspec’s TOU Studio enables creation of TOU tariff calendar profiles that may be easily performed without restraints on number of profile. These files are integrated to present Energy Reports using PQSCADA showing the energy consumption or production.

Configuration Utility
 The Configuration Utility application is a powerful one required for the G4K series configuration. 1 G4K BLACKBOX may be employed as the base; having same range for configuration of other G4K Units straight away combined with upgrades and various other parameter configurations.

Elspec Search Elspec’s Search Engine is applicable for a particular local LAN enabling access to connected BLACKBOX devices listed in a tabular form as per respective IP addresses within the specified network. In order to configure each device direct links are specified along with the file location FTP link.

PQ Solutions Elspec’s major contribution along with other power quality equipment has been in the field of providing industries real-time power quality enhancement systems. These innovative solutions increase the effectiveness of electrical power consumption so that energy can be saved through these comprehensive power quality solutions including power factor correction, energy savings, voltage support, flicker reduction, current spike reduction, and harmonic filtration, reduction of reactive power during large motor start-ups and a host of other applications used for various dynamic loads.

Power Factor Correction Elspec EQUALIZER Elspec’s globally acclaimed and feasible energy and power savings solution is the EQUALIZER. This device is possibly the fastest real-time power quality enhancement system in the world today that works round the clock on all power quality factors to optimize them with respect to various dynamic balanced, unbalanced and single phase changing loads. Its salient characteristics include 5-20 milliseconds electronic transient-free switching @ 50 Hz, voltage support, harmonic filtration, flicker and current spike reduction.

Elspec ACTIVAR The Elspec Activar is a better alternative and also provides cost benefits as compared to electro-mechanical power factor correction banks. Its capabilities include delivering compensation at a rate of 1 second or generally 3-4 seconds maximum. Besides the Activar also has the ability to deliver unlimited transient free operations and has comprehensive reporting system.

Voltage Control - Elspec EQUALIZER-TURBO The Elspec EQUALIZER-TURBO for all three phases delivers ride-through compensation at 0.3pu, voltage dip U 70% wherein typical duration is 2 seconds, and has no limitations place with regards to voltage swells. The ride-through capabilities have the necessary ability to resolve any voltage disruptions and can restore voltage to 1.0pu of its nominal value (+-15%). It can also accurately auto correct each phase independently and possesses an integrated software monitoring system which has event notification and remote access facility capabilities.

EQUALIZER-RT The Elspec EQUALIZER-RT is a transient-free static compensation system that has been modified in order to boost supplied kVAr capacity for short time voltage dips applications. Especially suitable for wind turbines, it delivers considerable reactive power especially when there are deep voltage sags.

Motor Startups EQUALIZER-ST The Elspec EQUALIZER-ST is innovatively designed intended to deliver the most feasible solutions for challenges and problems faced while starting-up motors. Generally, there are certain prerequisites or demands during start-up activities, so the Equalizer in a short span of time generates reactive currents that are almost 3 to about 8 times of the nominal current of the motor, as a result leading to a drop in local network voltage; which necessarily does not have the built-in design to withstand challenges faced by temporary high currents. Thus Elspec EQUALIZER-ST diligently reduces the drops in voltage, current that is demanded by the motor and then in a dynamic manner recompenses the demand for high reactive energy, during the required time-period. As such the compensation system is transient-free static and modified to augment supplied kVAr capacity especially for short time voltage dips applications. It is suitable for wind turbines and for delivering ample reactive power especially when there are relatively deep voltages sags.

Harmonic Filtering Passive Harmonic Filter Elspec’s Passive Harmonic Filter efficiently absorbs harmonics from respective sources that are part of the network system. The engineering team has developed the filter as a dynamic compensation system instilling in it the ability to respond to reactive energy while simultaneously proficiently sustaining harmonic filtration requirements in less than one network cycle depending on specifics of the operating EQUALIZER. This is carried out by reactive energy consumption calculation, soaring harmonic levels and varying real-time load changes. Elspec’s passive harmonic filter resolves any inherent issues in electrical networks with respect to power quality compensation.

Elspec Support Center Elspec employs a prioritized support ticketing system which addresses and looks in to support requests and servicing client needs. Each request that is generated has a unique ticket number assigned to enable online tracking, progress and resolutions.

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