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Long-Term Rental of Test Equipments & Instruments

Supreme Technology is highly flexible in providing you the rental terms you require for the completion of a specific project at the stipulated time at a cost as low as possible. In fact we have some of the most flexible plans in providing satisfaction to customers in all our products. You can rent test equipment as short as 1 day to 6 months (Short term) and 6 months to as long as you need depending upon your requirements (Long term). We strive hard to deliver electrical & electronic test equipments of only the best quality that have been completely subjected to testing before delivery. Should a product fail during the rental period, we repair or replace it at no extra cost to our customers (provided the product was not damaged by misuse or abuse). We understand that the availability of the right type of equipment is particularly critical and precisely why we continually invest in latest equipments. The fact that we maintain good relationship with leading brands and manufacturers helps us cater to your ever growing needs with the widest and latest range of equipments you will find anywhere.

Advantages of Long Term Rentals of Electrical & Electronics Test Instruments

Renting your test equipment from Supreme Technology has got several financial and tax advantages that help your business’s bottom line. Note that the length of Long Term Test & Measurement Equipment Rental is for a period of 6 months and above. You need to take these advantages (mentioned below) into consideration when you are deciding whether to purchase or rent your next equipment requirement.

  • No capital expenditure required
  • Smart, fast, reliable, flexible and easy
  • Deployment of the latest technology when you require it for your application
  • Access to quality products from leading global brands
  • Fast delivery anywhere in the world
  • Option to rent for a year or just as long as you require the equipment
  • No hidden cost including logistics, equipment maintenance, calibration & technical support
  • Tax Incentives - Rental payments could be up to 100% tax deductible depending upon the local tax policy
  • Meticulous testing of all equipments as per the manufacturer’s specifications prior to dispatch
  • Excellent technical support with equipment set up, application solutions and operation
  • Monthly direct debit payment as per the Rental Agreement
  • Initial rental contract period is for 12 months (negotiable)

Some of the other benefits of Long Term Test Equipment Rental include:

  • Bridges Capital Expenditure approval period
  • Free ongoing technical support till the completion of the project
  • Incorporates all the regular benefits of rentals
  • Immediate availability of test equipments
  • Application & Product training
  • Availability of manufacturer warranty and support contracts
  • Return of equipments after completion of project
  • Replacement of equipment in accordance with the Rental policy
  • Option to extend month by month after 12 months of initial rental agreement
  • Option to extend to 12 months or 18 months at discount rates
  • Operational expenses in off balance sheet
  • High productivity
  • Free up the cash for other forms of investments
  • Peace of mind with the availability of the right equipment that is calibrated and ready to use

Looking to rent Test Equipments for use long term, please get in touch with our support team at 1800 834 991 or make use of the form provided below so that we get back to you as soon as we can.

MEGGER MEIU MPRT EPOCH Interface Unit Interconnects MPRT to Multi-Amp EPOCH-II or EPOCH-20 unit. MPRT Touch View Interface provides manual control of the EPOCH-II/20 output. Automated con...
OMICRON CMLIB REF6xx Interface Adapter The CMLIB REF6xx is an interface adapter for connecting ABB feeder protection relays fitted with sensor inputs (e.g. REF615 or REF601) to the low le...
OMICRON SEM 2 Scanning Equipment for Meters SEM 2 contains the photoelectric scanning head TK 326 which is suitable for scanning of all known rotor marks of Ferraris meters and for scanni...
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OMICRON 100TX to 100FX-SC Converter 
OMICRON 100TX to 100FX-SC Converter This converter connects the CMC 356, CMC 353 or CMC 256plus to a network via fiber optics. The 100TX to 100FX-SC Converter transfers data from a 10/100...
OMICRON ADMO Protection Systems Management Software 
OMICRON ADMO Protection Systems Management Software Maintenance Management Solution for Protection Systems ADMO is an easy-to-use database software for central planning and management ...
OMICRON ARC 256x Arc Flash Initiator 
OMICRON ARC 256x Arc Flash Initiator Arc flash protection systems are designed to detect arcs which occur during short-circuits in switchgear and to minimize the potential hazard to perso...
OMICRON Bushing Adapters 
OMICRON Bushing Adapters Accessories for partial discharge measurement products These adapters fit the most common measurement connections for bushings used in high voltage systems. Th...
OMICRON CAL 542 Charge Calibrator 
OMICRON CAL 542 Charge Calibrator Charge calibrator - Accessory for partial discharge measurement products The IEC 60270 requires verifying the test setup prior to conducting measureme...
OMICRON CAL 543 Online Charge Calibrator 
OMICRON CAL 543 Online Charge Calibrator Online charge calibrator - Accessory for partial discharge measurement products The CAL 543 is a charge injector, which remains connected to th...
OMICRON CB MC2 Contact Module for CIBANO 500 
OMICRON CB MC2 Contact Module for CIBANO 500 In combination with CIBANO 500, the CB MC2 contact module increases convenience and safety during testing. It also expands the scope of testin...
OMICRON CB TN3 Transducer Node for CIBANO 500 
OMICRON CB TN3 Transducer Node for CIBANO 500 The CB TN3 transducer node allows you to carry out circuit breaker motion analysis with path-time diagrams. Together with CIBANO 500 and a...
OMICRON CIBANO 500 3-in-1 Test System for Medium- and High-Voltage Circuit Breakers 
OMICRON CIBANO 500 3-in-1 Test System for Medium- and High-Voltage Circuit Breakers The CIBANO 500 circuit breaker test system combines a micro-ohmmeter, timing analyzer, and a coil and m...
OMICRON CMA 156 - 6 Phase Current Amplifier  
OMICRON CMA 156 - 6 Phase Current Amplifier (6 x 25 A, 3 x 50 A, 1 x 150 A) CMA 156 amplifier units can be used in combination with any CMC test set or in conjunction with digital real ti...
OMICRON CMC 256plus High Precision Relay Test Set and Universal Calibrator 
OMICRON CMC 256plus High Precision Relay Test Set and Universal Calibrator The CMC 256plus is the first choice for applications requiring very high accuracy. This unit is not only an exce...
OMICRON CMC 310 Manual Protection Testing 
OMICRON CMC 310 Manual Protection Testing The CMC 310 is specifically designed for basic three-phase testing of protection and measurement devices. It is operated by the CMControl P softw...