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Get more out of your existing line network by using our Telecommunications Test Equipments including Optical Meters, TDRs, Copper Wire Analysers, Battery Testers, Final Loop Testers, etc. We are engaged in the sales, rentals, hire and lease of a wide range of Telecom Test Equipments; check them all in this section as we keep updating this section with more of them for you to make the most of.

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HIOKI 3144-20 Noise Search Tester 
HIOKI 3144-20 Noise Search Tester Identify noise in communication and power lines Non-contact type voltage sensor. Frequency range measurement between 500 Hz and 30 MHz. Display of lev...
HIOKI 3145-20 Noise HiLogger 
HIOKI 3145-20 Noise HiLogger Measures the noise levels and frequencies on telecom, power and grounding lines Easily view the noise current level in each band. Record noise level variat...
HIOKI 3664 Optical Power Meter 
HIOKI 3664 Optical Power Meter Highly versatile optical power meter for production lines, R&D and maintenance. Compensation function for the laser light source testing. Dual power system....
HIOKI 3665-20 LAN Cable HiTester 
HIOKI 3665-20 LAN Cable HiTester Identify the 3 most important criteria for proper networking at a glance Wire map check : Detect split pairs with wiring check. Cable length : Get NVP-...
HIOKI TM6101 LED Optical Meter 
HIOKI TM6101 LED Optical Meter Improve productivity with Ultra-fast and High-precision measurement! Optical characteristic measuring instrument for white LED and LED lighting devices. ...