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ALGODUE Current Transducers For Direct and Alternating Current Measurement  

ALGODUE Current Transducers For Direct and Alternating Current Measurement 
  • Very useful with large size or awkward shaped conductors or in places with limited access
  • Measuring devices, lab instrumentation & Power monitoring & control systems
  • Harmonics and transients monitoring & Very high current monitoring 

Product Details

ALGODUE Current Transducers For Direct and Alternating Current Measurement

Rogowski coils are available in two different versions: flexible (MFC150) or split-rigid (GPC80).

The MFC clamp series is suitable for metering application and offers a good accuracy, linearity and it is not influenced by magnetic fields. They are useful for measuring the harmonic content in electric currents, because of its linearity. The MFC series is available in different length up to 2m. The coil is also supplied according to customer’s design. It represents the most confortable and cost effective solution.

Flexible coils and rigid toroid are used in electric power transmission and welding because they are linear also when subjected to high current values.

Rogowski coils are particularly suitable for measuring current values in precision welding systems, in arc melting furnaces, but also for the measurement of starting transients for electronic motors or sudden short circuits.

Clamp-on current clamps are an ideal item for measuring current values from small values to 3000A. The available measuring ranges combined with the extremely flexible input programming of Algodue portable meter, allow to carry out measurement by all applications.

They can be used in combination with our portable meter for non intrusive monitoring of the power quality and they do not require to disconnect loads for measuring.

The clamps we have selected have a precision phase shift feature, which guarantees an accurate measuring of Power and Energy values.

Product Description

ALGODUE Current Transducers for Direct and Alternating Current Measurement is very useful with large size or awkward shaped conductors or in places with limited access for measuring devices, lab instrumentation and Power monitoring and control systems with Harmonics and transients monitoring and Very high current monitoring.

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