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Elspec G3500 Blackbox Portable Power Quality Analyzer 

ELSPEC G3500 BLACKBOX Portable Power Quality Analyzer New
  • The G3500 BLACKBOX has the power to determine the root cause of all PQ issues
  • G3500 has all of the most desired features of a Portable Power Quality Analyzer
  • Stores all information all the time  allowing no gaps in data recording

Product Details

ELSPEC G3500 BLACKBOX Portable Power Quality Analyzer. Built on the same innovative technology as the BLACKBOX fixed Power Quality Meter (PQA), the ELSPEC G3500 BLACKBOX Portable Digital Power Meter, with its continuous onboard waveform logging, is a proud addition to the distinguished BLACKBOX family of the most advanced power meters on the market. The G3500 BLACKBOX has the power to determine the root cause of all Power Quality (PQ) issues, so plug it in and never miss another event.

The G3500 BLACKBOX Portable Digital Power Meter, coined POWER QUALITY (PQ) IN HIGH DEFINITION, logs and stores all information all the time allowing no gaps in data recording. This new generation G3500 has all of the most desired features of a Portable Power Quality Analyzer, but at a price that is designed to remain competitive in the Power Meter market. No Thresholds/ No Missed Events. Captures Everything: Cycle by Cycle RMS values, frequency, harmonics, and trends. Sampling Rate: Voltage up to 512 Samples per cycle. Current up to 256 Samples per Cycle. Rechargeable Power Supply: Built in battery with up to 2 hours of stand-by power Plug and Play: Automatic set up with self-identifying probes.

PQA Technology

No Triggers/No Thresholds means no missed events. Optimizing Power Quality Data Analysis Using Patented Data Compression Technology. The main objective of an engineer troubleshooting a power quality event is to identify the source of the disturbance in order to determine the required corrective action. To identify the source, the engineer depends on recorded data captured by monitoring equipment.

The management demands a cost effective method to solve the problem as quick as possible. The electrical engineer speaks of installing instrumentation, collecting data, analyzing data, re-installing and re-analyzing. It is not uncommon for months to pass until the problem is isolated and a solution is implemented.

Power quality analysis has traditionally posed a unique challenge to the engineer, demanding an accurate assumption as to the dimensions of the disturbance in order to capture the event to memory for examination. The correct balance between memory size and the deviation of the disturbance from the norm is often elusive. Thresholds set too low capture too many events of little or no consequence, filling the memory before the sought after damaging event occurs. Setting the threshold too high can overshoot the event.

What is Data Compression Technology?

Revolutionary data compression technology takes the guess-work out of isolating the source of power quality problems by eliminating the need for devising set points and calculating threshold values.

The ability to capture all the wave form data in high resolution in it's entirety over an extended period of time is the only way to ensure that the event will be recorded, allowing the engineer to analyze the data and define a solution.

Until now, monitoring and analyzing system electrical trends have presented a true challenge because certain data compromises were required to counteract capacity, processing and physical limitations. Data compression technology provides unlimited capacity for power quality data storage. This means that you are no longer required to set constraints on system data, rendering the risk in data selection based on set thresholds and triggers obsolete.

Operators of electrical networks are constantly faced with power events and transient occurrences that affect power quality and heighten energy costs.

In the past, to determine whether such events reflect system trends or isolated incidents, electrical engineers relied on partial information indicating what events occurred and when; not all events were recorded due to data capacity limitations and missed thresholds. Now, by analyzing multi-point, time-synchronized real-time power quality data, you can actually reveal why all power events occur and what causes them.

In short, data compression technology pushes power quality analysis capabilities into the next generation.on of several months or even a year depending on the network pollution level.

Product Description

The Elspec G3500 Blackbox Portable Power Quality Analyzer is tailored for PQ Analysis at any location. It features a quick and simple set up, remote connectivity with no missed events. Equipped with a plug and play probe interface, the portable G3500 BLACKBOX allows you to automatically detect probes & clamps during set up. For surpassing the highest standards set by the industry it complies with the standards for aggregations, time clock uncertainty, flagging and transient influence quantities. It comes with 4 automatically detected AC current clamps and 4 (G3500)/5(G4500) Voltage leads, rechargeable power supply, wireless network, a durable carrying case and a mobile analysis lab.

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