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GEI CM 1000 Continuous Monitoring Battery System 

GLOBAL ENERGY INNOVATION CM1000 Continuous Monitoring 
  • Continuous Monitoring battery system for stationary battery power applications
  • This will work seamlessly with the EC1000 & EC2000 Handheld Battery Analyzers hardware and software
  • Continuous Monitoring is a seamless transition

Product Details

GLOBAL ENERGY INNOVATION CM1000 Continuous Monitoring

Global Energy Innovations is excited to announce it will soon be selling a Continuous Monitoring battery system for stationary battery power applications (Utility, Telecommunication, UPS, Power Generation, Solar, among others) that uses CELScan™ technology.

The Global Energy Innovations' Continuous Monitoring System (The CM1000™) will work seamlessly with the EC1000™ and EC2000™ Handheld Battery Analyzers hardware and software (IBMS™ - Intelligent Battery Management System™) database. Test results may be shared between the two systems - Data from both systems is aggregated into one enterprise database for easy access. Since the EC1000™, EC2000™ and the CM1000™ (Continuous Monitoring System Modules) both report to the same database and run with the same software inventory management, event handling (alarms), report generation and much more are easily performed.

By deploying both handheld devices (EC1000™ and/or EC2000™) and continuous monitoring systems (CM1000™), you have the flexibility to select the right and most cost effective solution for your site. Since the data from both devices is interoperable, switching back and forth or upgrading to Continuous Monitoring is a seamless transition. When it comes to upgrading features, the CM1000™ remotely updates itself. Just like the EC1000™ and EC2000™, features such as Sulfation, Dryout and others may be purchased and activated online without touching your hardware in the field. You may want to demo a feature throughout your organization before formally purchasing and deploying - this can be easily accomplished with our CM1000™ trial period licenses.

The images above are a quick peak at the CM1000™ Continuous Monitoring Module with accompanying Modem / Data Aggregator (CM1000™ - Base Unit). After years of watching and testing various Continuous Monitoring systems offered by other companies, Global Energy Innovations has designed its Continuous Monitoring hardware and software so it is painless to install and run. Our system has been designed for hotplugging CM1000™ modules, hardware discovery and rapid system configuration.

If you have any questions regarding this new offering, please do not hesitate to contact our sales and technical support group at any time.

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