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Hioki 3196 Power Quality Analyzer

HIOKI 3196 Power Quality Analyzer New
  • Measure power factor, Sags, Swells, Flicker, Transients, Harmonics to the 50th, High Frequency transient, Detection
  • Waveform display, Four current and Four voltage channels
  • Single-phase/two-wires, Single-phase/three-wires, Three-phase/three-wires, Three-phase/four-wires

Product Details

HIOKI 3196 Power Quality Analyzer Monitor and record the quality of power to analyze the cause of trouble when it occurs!

HIOKI 3196 Power Quality Analyzer is your most reliable and complete instrument for power quality troubleshooting! Measure power factor, Sags, Swells, Flicker, Transients, Harmonics to the 50th, High Frequency transient, Detection and waveform display, Four current and Four voltage channels. Let the HIOKI 3196 see what you have been missing.

Measurement lines:- Single-phase/two-wires, Single-phase/three-wires, Three-phase/three-wires, Three-phase/four-wires.

Measurement items:- Impulsive voltage quality:Transient overvoltage (Impulse), RMS voltage quality:Voltage swell, Voltage dips, Voltage interruption, Power quality:Frequency, Voltage, Current, Current peak, Active/Reactive/Apparent power, Power factor (displaced power factor), Three phase quality:Voltage unbalance ratio, Current unbalance ratio.

Harmonic quality (Up to 50th order):Harmonic voltage, Harmonic current, Harmonic power, Inter-harmonic voltage, Inter-harmonic current, Harmonic voltage current phase angle, Total harmonic voltage distortion, Total inter-harmonic current distortion (THD-F, THD-R), Total inter-harmonic voltage distortion ratio, Total inter-harmonic current distortion ratio (THD-F, THD-R), K factor, Flicker:Measures delta- V10 flicker (Japanese domestic), or IEC flicker [Pst, Plt] (international standards).

Measurement ranges:- Voltage ch1 to ch3: 150.00 to 600.00 V AC rms-3 ranges, ch4: 60.000 to 600.00 V AC rms-4 ranges, or 60.000/600.00 V DC-2 ranges, Current (When using 100 A sensor): 50.000/100.00 A AC rms-2 ranges, Current (When using 500 A sensor): 50.000/500.00 A AC rms-2 ranges, Current (When using FLEXIBLE CLAMP ON SENSOR 9667): 500.00 A / 5000.0 A AC rms-2 ranges, Current (When using CLAMP ON SENSOR 9669): 1000.0A AC rms-1 range, Current (When using CLAMP ON SENSOR 9694): 5.0000A / 50.000 A AC rms-2 ranges, Power: Combination pattern of voltage and current ranges.

Measurement method:- Transient overvoltage: 2 mega-sampling/sec, Harmonic wave: 2048 point (10 cycle at 50 Hz, or 12 cycle at 60 Hz), Other effective value: 256 point/one cycle.

Memory capacity:- 13 MB

Interface:- PC card slot (9727/ 9728 PC card, 256MB to 512MB), RS-232C, LAN (10BASE-T)

Power supply:- 12 V DC output AC ADAPTER 9458 (Universal 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz), or BATTERY PACK 9459 (7.2 V/2450 m Ah Ni-MH).

Dimensions, mass:- 298 mm(11.73 in)W × 215 mm(8.46 in)H × 67 mm(2.64 in)D, 2.25 kg (79.4 oz)...within battery.

Accessories:- Voltage cord (one set), AC ADAPTER 9458 (1), BATTERY PACK 9459 (1), shoulder strap (1), LAN connector cover (1), marking label (1), Down96 (data download software)

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