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Hioki 3535 LCR HiTester

HIOKI 3535 LCR HiTester 
  • Broad Frequency Measurement Range ( 100 kHz to 120 MHz )
  • High speed LCR testing (6ms/sample)
  • Load Compensation Function

Product Details

HIOKI 3535 LCR HiTester

High-speed LCR meter with up to 120MHz sampling
High Speed Testing of Chip Inductors and Magnetic Heads in Research and Development

Broad Frequency Measurement Range ( 100 kHz to 120 MHz ). High speed LCR testing (6ms/sample). 14 Parameter Types ( |Z|, |Y|, T, Rp, Rs(ESR), G, X, B, Lp, Ls, Cp, Cs, D (tan d) and Q ). Detachable Head Amp. Load Compensation Function. BIN ( Classification ) Measurement.

A Head Amp unit 9700-10 must be factory adjusted for dedicated use with the 3535 before delivery.
This product is not supplied with test fixtures. Please select and purchase the test fixture options appropriate for your application separately.

Basic specifications

Measurement Items : |Z|, |Y|, Q, Rp, Rs(ESR), G, X, B, T, Ls, Lp, Cs, Cp, D(tan d)

Measurement ranges
1kO range 10kO range 100kO range
Z, R 100mO to 2kO 1kO to 20kO 10kO to300kO
C 0.66pF to 15.9µF 0.066pF to 1.59nF 4.4fF to 159pF
L 0.133nH to 3.18mH 1.33µH to 31.8mH 13.3µH to 477mH
T -180.00° to 180.00°

Measurement Frequency : 100 kHz to 120 MHz ( 100Hz to 100kHz steps )

Basic accuracy : |Z|: ±0.5 % rdg. , phase angle: ±0.3°

Output Impedance : 50 ±10 ohm (at 100 kHz)

Measurement Signal Level : 5 mV to 1 V, 20 mA max. ( up to 10.00 MHz )
5 mV to 500 mV, 10 mA max. ( above 10.01 MHz )
Setting Resolution: 1mV steps

200 µA to 20 mA: 1 V max. ( up to 10.00 MHz )
200 µA to 10 mA: 0.5 V max. (above 10.01 MHz)
Setting Resolution: 10 µA steps

Measurement Time : 6 ± 1 ms (nominal)

Other function : Monitor Function, Limit Function, Average Trigger Function, Load Compensation Function, Key Lock Function, Comparator, Classification ( BIN ) Measurement, Correlation, Compensation Function, Panel Save and Load, Measurement Value Storage, Zoom Display Function, Continuous Measurements, Audible Beeper, Numerical Display, Digit Setting Function, Display Setting Functions, Printer Function

Interfaces : GP-IB, RS-232C and EXT I/O ( standard )

Power : 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 50 VA

Dimensions and Mass : Approx. 360W×130H×360D mm, 8.3 kg

Supplied accessories : Power cord

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