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HV Diagnostics DSM600 Micro-Ohmmeter 

HV Diagnostics DSM600 Micro-Ohmmeter 
  • It is a high current micro-ohmmeter suitable for measuring very low resistances
  • Thermal and over-current protection
  • Large back-lit liquid crystal display

Product Details

HV Diagnostics DSM600 Micro-Ohmmeter

DSM600 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter is a market leader in the field of high current micro-ohmmeters, manufacturing durable, accurate, and user friendly units. The DSM600 is a high current micro-ohmmeter suitable for measuring very low resistances in a wide range of applications. The unit is equally suited to commissioning, maintenance, and production line environments. Contact resistances in circuit breakers, switch panels, isolators, and busbar joints are all easily and safely measured.

The DSM600 is simple to operate, only requiring the user to switch the output on and set the test current. Selection of all ranges is fully automatic, and current, voltage and resistance are displayed simultaneously at all times. The resistance is calculated from the test current and sense voltage, and there is no need to set an exact test current to guarantee an accurate test result. To assist the user, all readings are held on the display when the output is switched off.

Connecting the DSM600 to a PC running the optional DSMlog software adds data capture and reporting functions to the unit, allowing test results to be exported directly to Excel or saved to a file. All results are time stamped, and a comment may be added to each test. Data capture can be controlled from the PC, and the resistance of a test object can be monitored over a period of time.

Alternatively, connecting a printer allows of the test parameters to be printed automatically whenever the reading is held.


• 0-600A DC test current
• 0.1µO resolution
• mV, A, and µO displayed simultaneously
• Direct Ohms reading at any current
• Large back-lit liquid crystal display
• Thermal and over-current protection
• Compact and portable
• Isolated RS232 interface for printer or PC connection
• 90-264V supply voltage range
• High quality 3m lead set supplied as standard

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