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World Energy Labs Interrogator 4210B ElectroChemical Battery Analyzer

WORLD ENERGY LABS Interrogator 4210B ElectroChemical Battery Analyzer  
  • Reduce labor costs by not over testing your batteries & Reduce the need for load testing
  • Reduce or eliminate the need to measure specific gravity & Reduce battery replacement costs 
  • Reduce lost revenue by avoiding system shutdown due to battery failures 

Product Details

WORLD ENERGY LABS Interrogator 4210B ElectroChemical Battery Analyzer

WORLD ENERGY LABS Interrogator 4210B ElectroChemical Battery Analyzer is the leading battery test system available today, The Interrogator™ platform has been recognized as much more than a handheld FRA. It is a flexible, handheld electrochemical analysis platform that can be customized with application specific algorithms and custom user interfaces for a variety of applications such as fuel cells, super capacitors, biomedical sensors including DNA and RNA, corrosion detection, automotive diagnostic applications and a host of other electrical and electrochemical applications. WORLD ENERGY LABS (WEL) is a leading manufacturer of battery test equipment specializing in the stored energy and electrochemical test and measurement markets. WEL has a range of products including the Interrogator™ 8210 Handheld Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA), the Interrogator™ as well as a number of software and custom hardware solutions.

Your Best Choice for Battery Health, Reliability and Maintenance Cost Savings
• Cut Battery Maintenance Costs 20-40%
• Extends useful battery life up to 20%
• Increases reliability of your batteries.

Runs like a battery tester and delivers like a load tester. The Interrogator™ is the first handheld battery tester that directly measures capacity loss due to sulfation and dryout, two common points of battery failure that are leading indicators of battery health.The Interrogator™ 4210B ElectroChemical Battery Analyzer can give you a complete picture of the health of your batteries by measuring the following parameters

Impedance, Voltage, Capacity Loss due to Sulfation, Capacity Loss due to Dryout (VRLA systems), allowing you to:-
• Reduce risk of losing power to mission-critical applications
• Save money on maintenance
• Significantly extend the life of your batteries.

Designed and engineered as a complete ElectroChemical test platform, the Interrogator is a fully programmable, multi-frequency impedance spectroscopy system designed to be as easy to use as a pocket calculator.

The Interrogator™ tests all stationary cells and batteries for:
• Internal Cell Impedance
• Voltage

For lead acid based systems the Interrogator™ is the first battery tester that can directly detect and measure:
• Capacity Loss due to Sulfation
• Capacity Loss due to Electrolyte Dry-Out (VRLA systems)

High Noise Rejection: Using effective high noise rejection systems (both electronic and signal processing and filtering), the Interrogator™ is capable of operating comfortably in noisy environments. Coupled with the non – damaging test methodology, the system can test cells without disturbance and while they are on-line.

The Interrogator™ has been built as a technology platform rather than an individual tester and thus has built in expandability. By installing enhanced test software using the companion software, WELSoft™, the functionality of the Interrogator™ can be expanded to detect additional battery failure mechanisms.

Calibration Classes I & II: World Energy Labs supplies 2 classes of algorithms for the determination of the advanced state of health parameters (Sulfation & Dryout). These classes are referred to as Class I and Class II.

Class I Algorithms: These are general algorithms and can be calibrated quickly and easily by the user for any specific stationary lead acid battery type and model. Class I Algorithms are supplied standard with all 4210B Interrogator™ models.

Class II Algorithms:These algorithms are developed specific to particular battery models thus providing the greatest level of testing accuracy available.

Reduces the cost of battery inventory : By knowing what is causing batteries to degrade, the user can take corrective preventative maintenance measures thus prolonging the life of standby batteries. Load testing can be reduced or even eliminated by employing accurate real-time diagnostics. As a result, batteries do not have to be discarded before the end of their useful life.

Fast : The results of the complete battery analysis are delivered in seconds after the test button is pressed. The Interrogator™ significantly decreases the overall, on-site maintenance and testing times needed to maintain healthy battery inventories by reducing or even eliminating the amount of time spent on expensive and damaging discharge testing.

Simplified and automated record keeping : Each Interrogator™ unit stores over 1000 tests, which can be downloaded to a PC using WELSoft™ to allow centralized test data and battery data storage which saves both time and money when it comes to analyzing battery inventories and monitoring costs.

Non-intrusive and non-damaging : The analysis performed by the Interrogator™ removes the necessity for hazardous testing of the battery electrolyte and finally allows users to analyze the electrolyte within sealed VRLA batteries. In addition the tests are completely non-invasive. The signals sent through the battery have a zero net effect on the battery state. Battery life expectancy is not decreased by Interrogator™ testing.

Upgradeable : It is self-contained and totally integrated, with push-button downloading and uploading of next generation software, new algorithms, and battery types. The Interrogator™ will never become obsolete.

Business risk minimization : The risk of battery failure is truly minimized. You can be sure that a battery tested by the Interrogator™ will perform when called upon.

Improved purchasing : The Interrogator™ can be used to screen all battery purchases, further improving the average life expectancy of your total battery inventory. This puts you in the driver's seat with your battery suppliers which can be beneficial should you receive a fault-rich delivery

Intuitive software interface : The menu driven software in the Interrogator™ is simple and logical to use. And it is easily configurable by site, battery string, battery type, etc.

Clear and understandable results : Results of the analysis are provided in clear text with clear real time preventive maintenance instructions for the operator, enabling them to make real-time decisions on site. This produces a clear advantage when considering the infrastructure and procedures necessary to maintain your battery inventory.

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