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BROCKHAUS  425 Gaussmeter

BROCKHAUS 425 Gaussmeter 
  • Digital laboratory Gaussmeter for determining the magnetic
  • Field strength of permanent magnets and systems
  • Measurement of magnetizing pulses up to 10 kHz
  • User-friendly measuring instrument
  • Application in laboratories and in production lines
  • Field and temperature measurement via the probe input

Product Details

Single-channel Gaussmeter with a resolution of 4 ¾ digits with filter in DC-adjustment and a measuring accuracy of ± 0.20 % of the measured value. The measuring rate is 3 measurements per second (display) and 30 measurements per second with USB interface. Measurement of Hall voltage created in Hall sensor which is proportional to the applied magnetic field.

All the functions are displayed and controlled via the front panel of the instrument. Input via keyboard, readings on a 2-line LCD display with background light. Two analogue outputs are provided. The corrected analogue output displays the exact value, the non-corrected analogue output shows the field strength in real time. Field and temperature measurements are via the probe input.

The Gaussmeter 425 DSP is used e.g. for testing magnetic materials in sensor technology and in automation. It can also function as an integrated component in controlling production processes and in the manufacture of DC motors.

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