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BROCKHAUS 455 Gaussmeter 

BROCKHAUS 455 Gaussmeter 
  • Precision laboratory Gaussmeter for determining the magnetic field strength of permanent magnets and systems
  • Measurement of magnetizing pulses up to 20 kHz
  • User-friendly measuring instrument
  • Application in laboratories and in production lines
  • Field and temperature measurement via probe input

Product Details

Single-channel Gaussmeter with a resolution of 5 3/4 digits and a measuring accuracy of ± 0,075 % of the measured value. A measuring rate of 30 measurements per second. Measurement of Hall voltage created in Hall sensor which is proportional to the adjacent magnetic field.

All the functions are displayed and controlled via the front panel of the instrument. Input via keyboard, readings on a 2-line fluorescent display with alphanumerical text. Analogue outputs, a RS-232 and an IEEE interface provides high accuracy and the possibility to analyse the development of the field.

The corrected analogue output shows the exact value displayed, the non-corrected analogue output shows the field strength in real time. The Gaussmeter 455 is used in sensor technology, in automation, for controlling production processes and in the manufacture of DC motors.

The comprehensive Hall probe program includes over 500 measuring probes. As well as conventional transverse and axial probes BROCKHAUS also supplies probes for low temperature applications and for measuring minimal magnetic fields.

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