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BROCKHAUS F10 Fluxmeter 

BROCKHAUS F10 Fluxmeter 
  • Analogue voltage integrator for measuring all quality-relevant magnetic parameters
  • Integrated calibration device
  • Self-testing function
  • Analogue output
  • Illuminated graphic display
  • Demonstration software for PC connection

Product Details

For measuring all magnetic properties of magnetic material relevant to quality control. Applications in research and development, automatic process control, quality control, and at incoming inspection.

When the flux density is changed a voltage is induced proportional to the change in flux. The F 10 Fluxmeter integrates this voltage and indicates the voltage integral.

The self-calibrating function of the instrument ensures that the measurements are always accurate. Display of the measured values in a selection of scales: e.g. Tesla, A/m or Vs. In this way optimal use is made of the possible applications.

Very easy to operate because of:
- Drift compensation • Digital display filter • Conversion of measuring scales
- Self-calibration • Bar graph display • Window comparator
- Percentage display • Physical probe parameters saved in memory
- Automatic probe identification • Choice of manual or automatic range
- Remote control via digital interfaces
Customer-specified probes also available.

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