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Elspec PQSCADA Software

  • Data is accurately time-synchronized within and across sites
  • PQSCADA server system is responsible for collecting all continuous data 
  • The PQSCADA server is the heart of the BLACKBOX data management  system

Product Details

ELSPEC PQSCADA Software. Innovative PQSCADA Enterprise Analysis software enables the operator to view, control, analyze, and monitor multiple measurement devices simultaneously. Data is accurately time-synchronized within and across sites. The PQSCADA Software Suite is installed on a computer providing unparalleled data monitoring and analysis functionality for the BLACKBOX devices. The PQSCADA server is the heart of the BLACKBOX data management and analysis system.

The main functionalities of the PQSCADA server are shown in the figure above and further described below with corresponding numbered marks: Data Collection (Downloading): The PQSCADA server system is responsible for collecting all continuous data (PQZip files) from a connected device automatically. When the device is connected (wired or wirelessly) the PQSCADA server automatically checks for any new data availability using an FTP communication protocol. Incoming Data Folder: All new PQZip files found on a connected device are copied (the original files remain on device) to a temporary location on a local hard drive “Incoming data folder”.

Data Processing and Storage: The next stage is data processing, in which the data is being organized for storage and quick access (Stage 1) and then a variety of electrical parameters are being calculated (Stage 2) based on the raw PQZip data. The reorganized PQZip data, as well as the calculated parameter statistics are being stored in a local SQL database. The files which have been processed and successfully inserted to the database are then removed from the Incoming folder. Networking: The PQSCADA server integrates a dedicated HTTP (default port 80) interface that the PQS service listens to on port 80. Management studio and Investigator communicate with the service over that port.

Product Description

Elspec’s innovative PQSCADA Power Quality Management Suite software simplifies troubleshooting. With this user friendly system, you can configure, control, monitor, compare and analyse time synchronised data from any number of BLACKBOX devices, within a particular site or across many sites. End-users may choose how to utilize PQSCADA and Investigator Software Applications according to their requirements and Elspec offers 3 operational scenarios: conventional network profile, Elspec’s hosting profile and a stand-alone profile. The program features export compatibility, automated report generator, automatic notifications with multiple device synchronization. The PQSCADA offers a wide range of adaptation and options for configuration making it extremely versatile to meets the needs and requirement of individual users.

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