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EuroSMC PTE-FCG Battery Simulator

EuroSMC PTE-FCG Battery Simulator 
  • DC outputs: 48/125/250Vdc
  • Power output: 60W
  • Can be used separately or easily installed in the lids of the PTE range equipment.

Product Details

EuroSMC PTE-FCG Battery Simulator

he DC power supply PTE-FCG is designed as an accessory for the PTE range, although the unit operates independently as a stand-alone unit.

There are 3 output ranges, with the adequate power for its application. Its small size and lightweight makes the PTE-FGC an indispensable accessory.


- A battery simulator, an auxiliary DC voltage supply for relay testing.


- DC outputs: 48/125/250Vdc.
- Power output: 60W.
- Can be used separately or easily installed in the lids of the PTE range equipment.

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