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FLIR B40 Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera

FLIR B40 Thermal Imaging Camera  
  • FLIR b-Series combines a 0.6-2.3 megapixel digital camera
  • FLIR b40 has a fixed PiP, FLIR b50 has a PiP in 3 steps
  • FLIR b60 cameras have a MeterLink that displays and documents readings 

Product Details

The IR cameras in the FLIR i-Series are also available as building models. Additional features for the FLIR b-models include built-in insulation and dew point alarms. The FLIR b-models are specifically designed for building inspections such as HVAC heating and cooling issues, air flow, moisture detection, plumbing problems, and much more.

At only 600g the FLIR b-Series infrared cameras are so small and lightweight you can carry them with you anytime. Even if you are a complete beginner a FLIR b-Series camera is easy to understand and operate. The cameras come with a full manual.
Picture-in-Picture Fusion

FLIR b-Series combines a 0.6-2.3 megapixel digital camera with an infrared detector. Together, they enable Picture-in-Picture (PiP) "fusion" imaging. This feature allows you to superimpose an infrared section over a digital image of an area being inspected, simplifying both reference and later location. FLIR b40 has a fixed PiP, FLIR b50 has a PiP in 3 steps. On FLIR b60 the PiP is fully scalable which permits you to resize the thermal image as needed against the visual image.
Laser Pointer and Laser Locator

Another useful feature is the Laser Pointer (FLIR b50 and b60 only). The Laser Pointer pinpoints the hot spot on an IR image with the real physical target. The Laser Locator associates hot or cold spot in the IR image with the physical target in the field which ensures that the exact area is being evaluated.

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