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Fluke 8508A Reference Multimeter

FLUKE 8508A Reference Multimeter 
  • Reference standard accuracy and stability, in one functionally versatile, easy to use solution
  • the 8508A can optionally be equipped with a duplicate set of rear input terminals
  • mechanism for forcing the same current through two resistances to improve resistance ratio measurements

Product Details

FLUKE 8508A Reference Multimeter

Reference standard accuracy and stability, in one functionally versatile, easy to use solution The Fluke 8508A is an 8.5-digit resolution instrument designed specifically for metrologists. With superior accuracy and stability over a wide range of measurements the 8508A is designed to serve as a versatile precision measurement tool for calibration laboratories that must meet increasingly stringent measurement uncertainty analysis requirements demanded by ISO 17025, as well as the need for increased productivity. With the introduction of the 8508A, Fluke has created a new product category – the reference multimeter – specifically for metrology applications.

The 8508A Reference Multimeter draws upon decades of Fluke expertise coupled with our acquisition of Wavetek-Datron to deliver unmatched accuracy and stability; functionality and versatility; and ease of use. Superior performance and accuracy… with outstanding stability The 8508A features 8.5 digit resolution, exceptional linearity and extraordinarily low noise and stability, producing what are arguably the most accurate measurements to be had from any commercially available product today. But that’s only part of the story. Measurements must be repeatable today, tomorrow, next week, even next year. That’s why stability must be treated with the same priority as accuracy.

The 8508A demonstrates 365 day stability as low as 2.7 ppm, with a 24 hour stability of 0.5 ppm, ensuring that confidence in today’s measurement can be the same as it was yesterday or last year. Increased functionality and versatility Metrologists need to make many diverse measurements as part of their complex duties. To achieve this frequently requires a complex array of instruments. The Fluke 8508A provides an extraordinarily broad range of measurement capability. This means you can undertake a wider range of applications, and perform most of your measurement requirements with a single instrument, providing real economies in time and money. Easy to use Human error and misunderstanding of measurement setups often have severe impact on measurement accuracy. Such errors are often due to impenetrable or complex user interfaces and lack of user familiarity.

The Fluke 8508A’s clear control structure with Dual ParamatrixTM displays and context sensitive menus provides a transparent, logical and intuitive mechanism with which to interact with the instrument. Consistent with the philosophy of designing a product specifically for metrologists, the command and menu configuration is constructed to ensure rapid, error free access to complex measurement setups. It means that you can focus on getting the best possible results, without needing complex sequential or multi-instrument setups, or the need to perform complex mental arithmetic or math to achieve the desired result. A multiple-measurement workhorse The robust characteristics of the Fluke 8508A permit replacement of eight other measurement devices by one multi-measurement precision unit.

The replaceable devices are: multimeter resistance bridge voltage divider null detector ac/dc transfer standard precision thermometer ac/dc shunt resistors electrometer/pico-ammeter Voltage measurement With DC and AC ranges from 200 mV to 1 kV, the 8508A covers all your voltage measurement needs. Full 8.5 digit resolution is available on all ranges to provide resolution down to 1 nV. Bandwidth for AC measurements extends to 1 MHz. Excellent linearity, coupled with Ratio measurement capability, means that the 8508A can replace Kelvin Varley dividers and AC/DC voltage transfer standards, improving your measurement efficiency in one simple, single box solution.

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