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Fluke Hydra Series Portable Data Acquisition 

FLUKE Hydra Series Portable Data Acquisition 
  • Open thermocouple detection is performed on each thermocouple channel 
  • For two-wire measurements add 5W to basic accuracy (does not include leadwire resistances).
  • Sine wave inputs >2000 counts (slow), >200 counts (fast). Accuracies for crest factor =2.0.

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FLUKE Hydra Series Portable Data Acquisition

The Hydra Series is available in three models to fit many application requirements. The 2620A Hydra Data Acquisition Unit is a compact front end for use with your PC. The portable 2625A Hydra Data Logger features non-volatile memory that stores more than 2000 scans, for stand-alone applications. And the 2635A Hydra Data Bucket with its removable memory card for data and set-up storage is the most versatile model - ideal for remote monitoring applications.
All models are easy to set up and reconfigure from the front panel. Additionally, all units have bi-directional communication via RS-232C, which enables control from a host computer. The RS-232C interface also supports stand-alone use with a serial printer. An optional GPIB/IEEE-488 interface is available for the 2620A only.

The Hydra Series is extremely rugged and able to operate in diverse environments. Its operating range is 0 to 60ÂșC, and it is tested to stringent shock and vibration standards. Hydra's sturdy metal chassis effectively shields against electromagnetic interference, maintaining high measurement accuracy on low level signals. The analog circuitry is also isolated from the digital circuitry so you can measure high voltages directly (up to 300V ac rms). And it conforms to I.E.C., C.E. and CSA safety standards. What's more, all set-up information is battery-backed, so it's immune to power failure. Hydra will return from a power loss and resume scanning, while all configuration information and stored data remain intact.

Hydra Series Portable Data Acquisition:The Hydra Series offers easy portability along with Fluke's built-in signal conditioning and Universal Input Module, at a price to fit your budget. You can easily retrieve data from the Hydra units via the RS-232 interface, or through a modem in upload or real-time mode.
Channel information and measurement parameters can be set up directly from the front panel or your PC.
Three models featuring removable memory card data storage, internal memory storage, and direct real-time data transfer options.
Should power fail, these instruments automatically resume data collection when power is restored.

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