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Fluke NetDAQ Networked Data Acquisition Unit

FLUKE NetDAQ Networked Data Acquisition Unit 
  • Open thermocouple detection is performed on each thermocouple channel 
  • For two-wire measurements add 5W to basic accuracy (does not include leadwire resistances)
  • Sine wave inputs >2000 counts (slow), >200 counts (fast). Accuracies for crest factor =2.0.

Product Details

FLUKE NetDAQ Networked Data Acquisition Unit

NetDAQ Data Acquisition Units give you a powerful combination of hardware and software that's ideal for small-to-medium scale process monitoring and test systems. They answer the escalating need for measurement, recording, and analysis tools that enable you to improve quality, maximize process efficiency and meet regulatory requirements. Building blocks of 20 channels can be expanded into integrated systems of up to 400 channels. Choose between two models for speed up to 1000 rps and accuracy up to 0.01%. All NetDAQs utilize Fluke's patented Universal Input Module which accepts any combination of analog input types for each of its 20 channels - without the need for external signal conditioning.

Simply pre-wire the Universal Input Module to directly measure temperature, dc volts, ac volts, resistance, 4-20 mA, and frequency. (For more information refer to the Universal Input Module in this section.)
Distributed NetDAQ systems plug right into your existing networks to send data directly to a PC. This saves the cost of setting a new network and allows multiple users to simultaneously view data in real time. A NetDAQ unit can also be used as a portable dedicated system connected to a notebook computer for maintenance, product validation, research, and troubleshooting applications.

Download Data Acquisition Software and Hardware Demonstration Guide that contains exercises designed to quickly familiarize you with the features and functions of Fluke's software and hardware for data acquisition and analysis. NetDAQ Logger, Hydra Logger, and Trend Link for Fluke demonstrations are covered in this guide. Download the Adobe Acrobat version of this tutorial. 488k

Features at a Glance:
•Data Acquisition, Up to 1,000 Readings Per Second
•20 Analog Input Channels Expandable Up to 400 Channels
•Extensive Optional Plotting and Trending Capabilities
•Optional Wall, Cabinet, or Rack Mounting
•May Be Connected to Ethernet Networks
•Replaces Chart Recorders

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