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Hioki 2103 Meter Relay

HIOKI 2103 Meter Relay 
  • Electronic design assures high accuracy and reliability
  • Includes a display lamp to illuminate movement at a glance
  • Relay action delays circuit closure upon power on

Product Details

HIOKI 2103 Meter Relay

Advancing power saving and automation

Electronic design assures high accuracy and reliability. Ultra sensitive 1 µA, 10 mV DC movement. Replaces relays in plug-in systems. Includes a display lamp to illuminate movement at a glance. Relay action delays circuit closure upon power on. Both power circuitry and relay built-in.

Basic specifications

Meter class : ±2.5% class

Deflecting range : Passing type, full scale

Setting pointer : Lance shape, upper limit and lower limit pointer

Setting accuracy : ±1.5% of scale length

Minimum H/L interval : Within 3% of scale length

Relay power delay circuit : Approx. 2 second

Relay output response : Approx. 0.5 second

Output contact capacity : 5A (under condition of 250V AC, 30V DC, resistance load)

Power requirements : 100 or 200V AC ±10 % (to be specified at the time of ordering), 3 VA max.

Dimensions, mass : 84 mm(3.31 in)W(panel size) × 72 mm(2.83 in)H (panel size) × 117.6 mm(4.63 in)H (rear section)

Other specifications : Standard Scale Graduations
Standard Full-Scale Values at DC
Standard Full-Scale Values at AC
Contact operation

Product Description

HIOKI 2103 Meter Relay is an industrial 1-channel devices to assist in energy saving and automation implementations. The 2103 series are 1-channel ±2.5% class meter relays featuring a sensitive 1 µA, 10 mV DC movement and a customizable scale.

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