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Hioki 3120 Voltage Detector

HIOKI 3120 Voltage Detector 
  • Continually indicates battery status by green indicator lamp
  • Provides both visual and audible voltage detection indication
  • Automatic power switching prevents battery discharge

Product Details

HIOKI 3120 Voltage Detector

Twin Light Audible Voltage Detector

Top “primary supply level” safety class rating for voltage detectors CAT IV 600V design meets CE Mark qualifications. Continually indicates battery status by green indicator lamp. Provides both visual and audible voltage detection indication. Automatic power switching prevents battery discharge

Measurement Function : Voltage Detection (for 100V Installations)

Voltage Range : AC 70 to 600 V, 50/60 Hz (when touching insulated wiring equivalent to IV2mm2

Indication : Red LED and continuous beeping sound

Battery Check : Green LED

Power supply : AAA manganese(R03) or alkaline(LR03) batteries × 2

Rated Voltage : DC 3.0 V

Maximum Rated Power : 170 mW(max)

Rated Power : 27 mW(Typ)(when switched to “ON ”and in standby)

Continuous Use : approx. 200 hours (when switched to“ON ” and in standy using LR03 batteries)

Dimensions, mass : 149 mm(5.87 in)H × f18.5 mm(0.73 in), 38 g (1.34 oz)

Accessories : AAA manganese(R03) batteries(2)

Product Description

HIOKI 3120 Voltage Detector leads the industry in non-metallic contact test and measurement technology that promotes safety on the worksite. The 3120 is a non-metallic contact voltage detector with a power switch that also gives a clear indication of the battery state with a green LED. When voltage is detected, the LED lights red along with an audio signal.

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