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Hioki 3144-20 Noise Search Tester

HIOKI 3144-20 Noise Search Tester 
  • Frequency range measurement between 500 Hz and 30 MHz
  • Display of level meter using a large LCD
  • Long-term monitoring by using the logging function

Product Details

HIOKI 3144-20 Noise Search Tester

Identify noise in communication and power lines

Non-contact type voltage sensor. Frequency range measurement between 500 Hz and 30 MHz. Display of level meter using a large LCD. Long-term monitoring by using the logging function.

3144-20 Specifications

Input unit configuration : 9741 dedicated input terminal, BNC input terminal (9741 takes priority)

Measurement range : × 1 range 0 dBV(1V) f.s. (0 dBV to -30 dBV) × 10 range -20 dBV(0.1V) f.s. (-20 dBV to -50 dBV)

Frequency range band : 500 Hz to 30 MHz, separated into 7 ranges (-3 dB range)

Detection method : RMS value conversion

Detection precision : 500 Hz to 1 MHz or less ±1.5 dBV
1 MHz to 30 MHz ±2.0 dBV

Monitoring function : Display of measurement voltage level of each frequency range in levels on LCD (2.5 dBV/SEG equivalent)

Logging function : Measurement data and time saved to internal memory according to specified recording interval

Recording interval : 1/2/5/10/20/30 seconds, 1/2/5/10/20/30/60 minutes

Output function : Waveform monitoring : Output of input singnal coming from 9741 dedicated input or BNC input
Audible range monitoring : Output of detection signal envelope Monitoring wiht supplied earphone possible

Power supply : AA alkaline(LR6) batteries × 6, Continuous use 5 hours, included AC Adapter

Dimensions, mass : 98 mm (3.86 in)W × 179 mm (7.05 in)H × 46 mm (1.81 in)D, 430 g (15.2 oz)

Accessories : CLAMP ON VOLTAGE SENSOR 9741 (1), AC adapter 9445-02 (UL) or AC adapter 9445-03 (CEE)(1), Carrying case(1), PC application software CD-R(1), USB cable(1), strap(1), earphone(1), AA alkaline(LR6) batteries(6)

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