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Hioki 3470 Magnetic Field HiTester

HIOKI 3470 Magnetic Field HiTester 
  • Test the magnetic field effect of home appliances against human exposure
  • Exposure level is General Public/Occupational

Product Details

HIOKI 3470 Magnetic Field HiTester

Test the magnetic field effect of home appliances against human exposure
(for IEC 62233, EN 50366, ICNIRP 1998)

Basic specifications

Magnetic flux density (Band) : 10 Hz to 400 kHz / 10Hz to2 kHz / 2kHz to 400 kHz

Exposure level : General Public/Occupational

Measurement ranges : Magnetic flux density : 2.000µT/ 20.00µT/200.0µT/2.000mT
Exposure level : 20.00%/200.0%/2000%

Display :

Accuracy (with a 3471 or 3472) : ± 3.5%rdg. ± 0.5%f.s.

Output : 200 mV/f.s.(for single axis of each range)
3-axis waveform output, resultant RMS output

Interface : USB ver.1.1

Power supply : Four LR6 alkaline battery 1.5V (Battery life : Approx. 10 hours)
Or AC Adapter 9445-02, AC Adapter 9445-03

Dimensions, mass : 100 W × 150 H × 42 D mm, 27 × 165 L mm 870 g (batteries included)

Accessories : CD (PC application software) , USB cable (1), LR6 alkaline battery (4), Carrying Case(1)

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