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Hioki 3664 Optical Power Meter

HIOKI 3664 Optical Power Meter 
  • Highly versatile optical power meter for production lines, R&D and maintenance
  • Compensation function for the laser light source testing
  • Fully remote operation via USB interface

Product Details

HIOKI 3664 Optical Power Meter

Highly versatile optical power meter for production lines, R&D and maintenance. Compensation function for the laser light source testing. Dual power system. Fully remote operation via USB interface.

Basic specifications

Optical power measurement : W, dBm

Range setting : Auto (Manual setting available)

Accuracy : ±0.7% (±5% in combination with the optional sensor)

Wavelength sensitivity compensation : Can be set for every 1nm.
Automatic compensation for the sensor’s sensitivity
Max. 10 wavelengths preset (including initial value for a sensor)

Scaling : Can be set for each wavelength.

Relative measurement : Display the relative value to the measured value or set value.
(Displayed value = Measured value – Reference value)
Reference value can be set from the measured value or manual input.
Settable range: 0.001nW to 1.9999W (-90.00dBm to 33.00dBm)

Display : 4-1/2 digit, (19999 max.), Display resolution: 0.01dBm / 0.01dB

Measurement display unit : nW, mW, mW, dBm, dB

Wavelength display : 4 digit, Unit: nm

Display update rate : 330ms approx.

MAX/MIN display : Maximum and minimum value display while measurement

Average display : Display the moving average value.
Averaging times: 2 to 100

Analog output : 1V approx. when the sensor calibration point input

Output resistance : 50O

Output connector : ø3.5 mini jack

Interface : Output measurement value and remote control

Auxiliary functions : Auto power save, Setting backup, Battery check

Safety : EN61010-1: 2001 Pollution degree 2

Power supply : AA (LR6) × 4, AC adapter (9445-02

Max. rated power : 1.6VA

Continuous battery operation : 60 hours approx. (continuous use with the 9742 at calibration point input)

Dimensions and weight : 85(W) × 160(H) × 35(D) mm, 270g (excluding batteries)

Product Description

HIOKI 3664 Optical Power Meter is an optical power meter for measuring the optical power of a spatial light. It is ideal for testing the optical power of a laser light source and an LED light source of audio and video equipment such as Blue-Ray and DVD recorders, drives, and copiers. The optional optical sensors for the power meter are interchangeable and their sensitivity can be adjusted independently.

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