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Hioki 3665-20 LAN Cable HiTester

HIOKI 3665-20 LAN Cable HiTester 
  • Wire map check : Detect split pairs with wiring check
  • Cable length : Get NVP-Enhanced measurement accuracy
  • Direction check : Identify up to 21 cable destinations

Product Details

HIOKI 3665-20 LAN Cable HiTester

Identify the 3 most important criteria for proper networking at a glance

Wire map check : Detect split pairs with wiring check. Cable length : Get NVP-Enhanced measurement accuracy. Direction check : Identify up to 21 cable destinations.

Basic specifications

Measurable cable : Twisted-pair cable
100ohm characteristic impedance, shielded and unshielded,
CAT 3, 4, 5, 5e and 6

Compatible connectors : RJ-45 plugs

WireMap check : Wiring condition and shielding can be confirmed using the HIOKI TERMINATOR 9690
Detectable errors: open, short, reversed, transposed, split pairs and other miswiring

Cable length check : Measurable lengths: 2 to 300 m, 6.6 to 984 ft
Measurement accuracy: ± 4% rdg. ± 1 m, ± 4% rdg. ± 3.3 ft
Display resolution: 0.1 m, 0.3ft

Direction check : Up to 21 cables can be identified using the supplied TERMINATOR 9690 and optional Models 9690-01 to 9690-04

Display : 128 x 64 dot matrix LCD (with backlight)

Functions : Auto Backlight: pressing a button turns the backlight on (it turns off automatically after about 20 seconds)
Beeper: sounds when pressing buttons and when measurement results are displayed
Energy-Saving Mode: enter into energy-saving mode after measurement (and resume when the TEST button is pressed)
Auto Power Save: the 3665-20 turns off automatically about 10 minutes after the last button press
Battery Check: Battery indicator blinks when voltage falls below 2.4 V
Unit Switch: Select between meters or feet

Power supply : Two AA-size (LR6) alkaline batteries 1.4VA Approx. 50 hours

Dimensions, mass : Approx. 85 W x 130 H x 33 D mm, approx. 160 g

Accessories : TERMINATOR 9690 (1)
CARRYING CASE(1) (Stores the HiTESTER 3665-20 and TERMINATORs 9690)

Product Description

HIOKI 3665-20 LAN Cable HiTester is a handheld LAN cable tester to easily test wire map, measure cable length and identify twisted-pair cables, and is useful for verifying connections after installing connectors on cables. Optional terminators that facilitate easy identification of multiple cables make the LAN cable tester especially convenient for testing cables in working networks in the event of faults caused by open- or short-circuited cable wiring.

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