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Hioki 8430-20 Memory HiLogger

HIOKI 8430-20 Memory HiLogger 
  • 10 msec maximum sampling period simultaneous all channels (rapid scanning type)
  • Tough against noise with strengthened input hardware
  • Large and beautiful display (4.3 inch TFT liquid crystal display

Product Details

HIOKI 8430-20 Memory HiLogger

Small and light enough for the palm of your hand !

10 msec maximum sampling period simultaneous all channels (rapid scanning type). Tough against noise with strengthened input hardware. Large and beautiful display (4.3 inch TFT liquid crystal display). Plus 4 pulse-counting inputs. CompactFlash card makes direct recording a snap.

Note: The 8430-20 is not bundled with the Battery Pack 9780. Use only PC cards sold by HIOKI.
Thermocouples are not provided by HIOKI, and must be purchased from a separate vendor.

Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

No. of channels : Analog 10 channels isolated scanning method input. (M3 mm dia. screw terninal block)
Pulse input 4 channels (All pulse inputs share common ground with the main unit)

Measurement parameters : Voltage : ±100 mV to ±60 V, 1-5V f.s. 6 ranges, Max. resolution 5µV
Temperature (thermocouples) : -200°C to 2000°C (depend on the sensor), 1 range (K, J, E, T, N, R, S, B), Max. resolution 0.1°C
Temperature (Pt 100 sensor) : not available
Humidity : not available
Totalized pulses : 0 to 1000M count, 1 range (No-voltage 'a' contact, open collector or voltage input), Max. resolution 1 count
Rotation count : 0 to 5000/n (r/s) f.s. 1 range (No-voltage 'a' contact, open collector or voltage input), Resolution 1/n (r/s) Note: n = pulses per rotation (1 to 1,000)

Max. allowable input : DC 60V (Analog input), DC -5V to 10V (Pulse input)

Max. rated voltage to earth : DC 60V, AC 30Vrms (Upper limit voltage that does not cause damage when applied between input channel and chassis, and between each input channels)

Recording intervals : 10ms to 1hour, 19selections (All input channels are scanned at high speed during every recording interval)

Selectable Filters : 50Hz, 60Hz, or OFF (digital filtering of high frequencies on analog channels)

Data Recording Capacity : Internal storage: 3.5MWords (7MB of two-byte data points, or four-byte pulse measurements)
External storage: Up to 2GB (HIOKI CF cards only)

External Interface : One USB 2.0 series mini B receptacle
Functions:Control from a PC(Ver 1.00 or later),Transfers internal data on the CF card to a PC(Ver 1.10 or later)

Display : 4.3 inch WQVGA-TFT color LCD (480 × 272 dots)

Function : Save data to the CF Card in real time, Numerical Calculation, External trigger input, Trigger output, Alarm output, Scaling

Power Sources : (1) 100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz using AC Adapter Model 9786
(2) Battery Pack Model 9780, Continuous operating time: Approx. 2.5 hours
(3) 12V battery (10 to 16V DC ±10%, please contact HIOKI for connection cord)

Dimensions & Mass : 176mm(6.93in) W × 101mm(3.98in) H × 41mm(1.61in) D, 550g(19.4oz) (HiLOGGER only)

Accessories : Instruction Manual × 1, Measurement Guide × 1, Application Disk (Logger Utility program) × 1, USB cable × 1, AC Adapter 9786 × 1, Shoulder Strap × 1, Protection Sheet 9809 × 1

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