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HV Diagnostics HVA 30-5 VLF/DC Hipots 

HV Diagnostics HVA 30-5 VLF/DC Hipots 
  • Insulation Resistance & Cap. Measurement
  • Output Frequency optimization
  • RMS Metering of Current and Voltage

Product Details

HV Diagnostics HVA 30-5 VLF/DC Hipots

This model was designed primarily for electrical utilities that have large complex cable networks that demand a very powerful test instrument to overcome the large loads presented by these long cable systems. Capable of testing up to 150,000ft / 45km of cable - it does not get much more powerful than this. This instrument, like all other HVA models, provides a very powerful high voltage DC output in addition to the VLF AC output. It can be used for testing many other electrical apparatus like transformers, motors/ generators, switchgear, etc. Its single piece design has one of the highest power-to-weight ratios outputs in the industry. Like all other instruments in the HVA series, there is no need to connect two heavy pieces of test equipment with interconnecting cables, etc. There is no warm-up period required before use and no insulation oil used in the design that needs to be maintained.


• Test your 25(Maint), 15, 11, 8, 6.6, 5kV long MV cables
• Test long cables up to ~ 100,000ft / 45km
• Weighs only 100 lbs / 45kg.
• Perform tests fully automatically
• Real time oscilloscope display
• Insulation Resistance & Cap. Measurement
• RMS Metering of Current and Voltage
• Output Frequency optimization
• Internal Storage of Test Reports
• Download to PC and / or USB flash drive
• Unlimited duty cycle
• Flashover voltage detection
• Bright backlit LCD display
• Power supply immunity and independence
• Low maintenance, oil-free design
• HVA Control Center – User friendly software for immediate, professional detailed reporting and setup


• VLF Sinewave / Squarewave & DC outputs
• DC ±30kV
• Powerful VLF 23kVrms / 33kVpk output
• Cable Jacket / Sheath testing
• Vacuum bottle testing
• Fault Conditioning / Trip
• Load independent output waveform
• Fault Conditioning


• Remote interlock “kill switch” and HV status indication
• Integrated internal discharge of DUT
• 12kV power frequency voltage feedback protection

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