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HV Diagnostics HVA34 VLF/DC Hipots 

HV Diagnostics HVA34 VLF/DC Hipots 
  • Output Frequency optimization
  • Power supply immunity and independence
  • Oscilloscope Display of Output Waveform

Product Details

HV Diagnostics HVA34 VLF/DC Hipots

This model replaces the ground breaking and very popular model HVA30. The HVA30 was upgraded to the HVA34 to accommodate the new testing requirements for 25kV rated cables as per the latest revision of IEEE400.2 testing standard. Arguably the top selling VLF/DC instrument on the market, this instrument has become the standard for testing 25kV rated cables and below. The upgraded model includes an even more powerful output while keeping the same overall weight, physical dimensions, and user interface. A single piece design, weighting only 44 lbs / 19.5kgs, it is capable of testing up to 120, 000ft / 37km of cable. This is not just a VLF hipot, it also includes a DC hipot, Fault conditioning, Sheath testing, and Vacuum Bottle testing modes all housed in single piece, powerful test instrument.


• Test your 25(Maint), 15, 11, 8, 6.6, 5kV long MV cables
• Weighs only 44lbs / 19.5kg
• Perform tests fully automatically
• Oscilloscope Display of Output Waveform
• Insulation Resistance & Cap. Measurement
• RMS Metering of Current and Voltage
• Output Frequency optimization
• Internal Storage of Test Reports
• Download to PC and / or USB flash drive
• Unlimited duty cycle
• Flashover voltage detection
• Bright backlit LCD display
• Power supply immunity and independence
• Low maintenance, oil-free design


• VLF Sinewave / Squarewave & DC outputs
• VLF 24kVrms / 34kVpk output
• DC ±34kV
• Cable Jacket / Sheath testing
• Vacuum Bottle testing


• Integrated internal discharge of DUT
• Short circuit detection
• 12kV power frequency voltage feedback protection
• Remote interlock “kill switch” and HV status indication

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