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Iskra MI 456 Measuring Transducer

ISKRA MI 456 Measuring Transducer 
  • It is Designed for conversion of DC current in to appropriate DC current
  • The analogue output signal is proportional to the measured value
  • Programmable input and output & Low power consumption

Product Details

ISKRA MI 456 Measuring Transducer

The MI 456 measuring transducer is designed for use in industrial processes for conversion of DC voltage into appropriate DC current or DC voltage signals. The analogue output signal is proportional to the measured value and it is appropriate for regulation of analogue and digital devices with reasonable dependence on environmental conditions, where they are planed to be used.


• Measuring of DC voltage

• Programmable input and output

• Low power consumption

• Universal AC/DC or AC Auxiliary power supply

• Accuracy class: 0.5

• Serial communication RS232 or RS485 (very high speed data rate: up to 115,200 bit/s, MODBUS protocol)

• Housing for DIN rail mounting

• Correspond to EN 60770-1: 1999

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