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Kingsine KT200 CT/PT Analyzer

KINGSINE KT200 CT/PT Analyzer New
  • Adopt TFT LCD display screen with clear and beautiful software interface design
  • It can test current transformer according to IEC 60044-1 or IEC60044-6 standard
  • Excitation characteristic, Transient characteristic, Ratio difference, Angle difference
AUD $ 25,520.00 ex GST

Product Details


With innovative modularize design, Plug-in frame, self-calibration function which make maintenance more easy!

- Consisting of Function modularization design and plug-in frame, each module contains self-calibration function, plug and play when change module, easy to maintain for customer.

- Adopt TFT LCD display screen with clear and beautiful software interface design, user can operate easily

- AC/DC current input for wide range only, satisfy all power supply standard requested.

- Easy to operate, measure quickly, all test can be done automatically based on the same connection line type except overload impedance measurement.

- Adopt low voltage & variable frequency measurement method, it can test inflexion voltage up to 30kV transformer as output max voltage only is 120V and max peak value current is 15A, high security.

- Portable design with light weight of 10kg, suitable for field test of electric power system, manufacturing factory of current transformer or laboratory to use.

- High measurement accuracy, resistance accuracy is 0.1%+1mO, phase accuracy┬▒0.05 degree, variable accuracy is ┬▒0.1% (1-5000 ), variable accuracy is ┬▒0.2%(5000-10000)

- It can test current transformer according to IEC 60044-1 or IEC60044-6 standard etc.

- Complete measurement function, it can test all type current transformer for secondary overload, secondary loop resistance, excitation characteristic, transient characteristic, ratio difference, angle difference and polarity. It can also test exact limit coefficient(ALF), device security coefficient(FS), secondary time constant(Ts), remanence coefficient(Kr), transient area coefficient(Ktd), inflexion voltage, current, level, saturation inductance, un-saturation inductance, 5% 10% error curve, of current transformer, hysteresis loop for current transformer, and evaluate test result according to defined standard.

- PT Test As for those inductive PT based on the definition of GB1207-2006(IEC60044-2), KT200 CT/PT Analyzer can also test them. KT200 CT/PT Analyzer can do variable ratio, polarity and secondary winding excitation test of inductive PT.

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