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Kingsine WSG10 High-Voltage Surge Generator

KINGSINE WSG10 High-Voltage Surge Generator 
  • Dual-protection technology, automatic release of residual charge
  • Applicable for rough measurement and pinpointing to all kinds of power cables
  • Include a variety of high impedance fault flashover failure,low resistance ground fault

Product Details

KINGSINE WSG10 High-Voltage Surge Generator

WSG10 high-voltage surge generator mainly uses to performs the impact discharge test for 35KV or below cables, Also be used for cables, capacitors, motors, porcelain and so the pressure test.

WSG10 high-voltage surge generator by the world's most advanced craft and technology, in the functionality, performance and scope of use far exceeds other similar products. Easy to carry and field use.

The WSG10 weight is light, high output voltage is its greatest feature, greatly improving the use of portable field, leave the scene of mobile heavy. Specially regarding when cable fault test and pinpointing has provided the high-voltage power supply, substituted has needed to use 65 kilogram testing transformers and the operation box, simultaneously has also solved when the testing cable troublesome scene wiring question.

Supporting the use of ZL30(Intelligent cable fault locator) and TDR90(Three-ply Multiple Pulse Time Domain Reflectometer) able to accurately fixed a variety of cable’s breakdown.

WSG10 coordinates the TDR90 use, can carry on to each kind of cable fault measured thickly, coordinates the ZL30 Intelligent cable fault locator and so on other equipent necessary use can carry on the pinpointing to each kind of cable fault. If has selected and purchased the dedicated digital microammeter, When paraphrase match voltage class power cable compression test, may also carry on the leakage current test.
Applicable scope:

It's various types of high-impedance grounding type, and troubleshooting cable fault location of essential equipment. Applicable for rough measurement and pinpointing to all kinds of power cables, railway signaling cables, telecommunication cables, Include a variety of high impedance fault, flashover failure, low resistance ground fault, type of moisture intrusion and closed within the cable connectors etc. complex of difficult fault location is very effective.

Features and Benefits

- Customize the required voltage, Intelligent control boost
- With a single discharge, periodic discharge function
- Dual-protection technology, automatic release of residual charge
- Boost, rectifier, discharge device integration built-in instrument case, when test short distance breakdown is not disturbed
- Built-in capacitor
- Small size, light weight, convenience carries

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