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Megger BMM2500 Premium Hand-Held Insulation Tester

MEGGER BMM2500 Series Premium Insulation Multimeters 
  • Voltage, current and kO resistance measurement
  • PowerSuite Compatible RS232 output
  • Result storage and Data Logging

Product Details

MEGGER BMM2500 Series Premium Insulation Multimeters

Insulation measurement up to 200 Gohm (BMM2580), 200 mA Continuity Range, Voltage, current and kO resistance measurement, mV Transducer inputs, Result storage and Data Logging, PowerSuite Compatible RS232 output, Download Manager Software included, Direct Printer Output, Electronic Locking Test Button, Remote control switched probe.

The Megger® BMM2500 series of Insulation Multimeters utilise advanced microprocessor technology to provide a host of new features not normally associated with standard insulation and continuity testers.

The instruments utilise a large backlit LCD display incorporating a patented analogue arc which incorporates the benefits of electronic analogue indication and unambiguous digital readings. The analogue scale provides rapid identification of insulation condition highlighting any variable readings and is complemented by the precision and simplicity of the digital display.

The BMM2500 series provide the ideal mix of features for the busy electrical contractor requiring the ultimate in
performance and functionality combined with speed of operation and efficiency provided by the downloading of data. When combined with software certification the system provides a highly professional image for the contractor combined with the ever increasing need for tracability of test results.

The BMM2580 offers all the features of the 2500 but with the addition of 100 V and 50 V insulation ranges and a 10 uF capacitance range. These additional features make the instrument ideally suited for applications in the telecom industry. Both instruments offer comprehensive data storage options with individual test results being stored against user selectable distribution board and circuit references.

Product Description

The Megger BMM2500 Premium Hand-Held Insulation Tester features Voltage, current and kO resistance measurement. It features PowerSuite Compatible RS232 output and this test instrument is built with result storage and data Logging capabilities.

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