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Megger CB-100 Low Voltage Capacitance 

MEGGER CB-100 Low Voltage Capacitance 
  • Direct reading of capacitance and dissipation factor & Test mode selector switch
  • Perform tests in UST and GST configuration & 28 volt test voltage
  • Lightweight and portable, 100-Hz test frequency & 30-V output voltage

Product Details

MEGGER CB-100 Low Voltage Capacitance

Lightweight and portable, 100-Hz test frequency & 30-V output voltage .

Designed for testing in the laboratory, shop or substation, Model CB-100 is a self-contained instrument that accurately measures insulation characteristics. Model CB-100 tests even in hostile environments where nearby excited devices may prevent meaningful measurements. Capacitance and dissipation factor read out directly from the instrument - no calculation is required. Unit tests complex insulating systems without changing leads.

The Model CB-100 Low-Voltage Capacitance and Insulation Power Factor Test Set is a self-contained instrument for the accurate measurement of electrical insulation characteristics.

Model CB-100 is an easily balanced, direct-reading bridge designed for testing in the laboratory, shop or substation. Measurements of capacitance are expressed in µF or pF. The dissipation factor, or “power factor” is indicated directly in percent.

The test selector switch allows the operator to conduct up to five tests in both the GST and UST configurations without the need to change the lead connections to the specimen.

Product Description

The Megger CB-100 Low Voltage Capacitance offers direct reading of capacitance and dissipation factor and Test mode selector switch. This test and measurement equipment is lightweight and portable with 100-Hz test frequency and 30-V output voltage. It performs tests in UST and GST configuration and 28 volt test voltage.

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