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Megger CB101 5 kV Calibration Box

MEGGER CB101 Calibration Box 5 kV 
  • Gives quick check of insulation tester calibration
  • Contains high quality resistors
  • Calibration certificate provided

Product Details

MEGGER CB101 Calibration Box 5 kV

Gives quick check of insulation tester calibration, Contains high quality resistors, Calibration certificate provided

The CB101 is a calibration box suitable for checking the accuracy of insulation testers. Four resistors are connected in the unit to enable a wide range of values to be checked. The high quality resistors, rated to high voltage, can be used to check resistance readings with test voltages up to 5 kV d.c. A calibration certificate is provided with each CB101 showing the actual value of each resistance checkpoint.

Product Description

The Megger CB101 5 kV Calibration Box offers quick check of insulation tester calibration. It contains high quality resistors. This Megger's test and measurement equipment is provided with a Calibration certificate.

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