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Megger DET4TCR + KIT Rechargeable Earth System Testers

MEGGER DET4TCR + KIT Rechargeable Earth System Testers 
  • Complete with lead and stake kit
  • Delivered with calibration certificate
  • User selectable output voltage

Product Details

MEGGER DET4TCR + KIT Rechargeable Earth System Testers

Rechargeable earth system testers for four pole, attached rod and stakeless techniques.

The new Megger ground testing instrument family offers a comprehensive solution to your ground stake and soil resistivity testing needs. The complete kit comprising the instrument, test leads, stakes, batteries and calibration certificate are delivered in a tough carry case which has space to accommodate all the instrument accessories - everything you need to start testing in one kit.

The DET4TC and DET4TCR are designed for extended temperature range use with an IP54 rated enclosure making them genuinely outdoor instruments. The instrument provides all the functions required for ground system testing: 2 pole, 3 pole, 4 pole, Attached Rod Technique (ART), stakeless, leakage current and ground noise voltage measurement.

The instrument is easy to use with a large rotary selector switch and one-press test button, both of which permit operation with gloved hands. Unlike some instruments, the design negates the need for a shorting link when making two pole measurements. There are no hidden functions with the instrument: clearly labelled auxiliary controls are used to select the output voltage (50 V or 25 V where local standards apply) and to switch the backlight on or off.

Product Description

The Megger DET4TCR and KIT Rechargeable Earth System Testers comes complete with lead and stake kit. This test and measurement equipment from Megger is delivered with calibration certificate. It features user selectable output voltage.

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