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Megger L1071 Portable Locators

MEGGER L1071 Portable Locators 
  • Multiple transmit/receive frequencies provide accurate long or short range locates
  • High power at low frequency solves the difficult multipoint grounded utility locating problem
  • Push-button depth measurements up to 15 ft quickly identify service depths prior to digging

Product Details

MEGGER L1071 Portable Locators

Multiple frequencies, Transmits AF or RF signals or both simultaneously, Peak and null detection, Passive 60 Hz, Measures current flow in buried conductors & Transmitter variable output power levels .

Capable of locating long or short ranges, inductive or conductive, active or passive, the L1070 delivers quick and accurate results with a user-friendly interface. A special design feature on the L1070 allows the user to select and compare receiver information on two frequencies simultaneously, without having to return to the transmitter. The L1070 features push-button depth measurements up to 15 feet to quickly identify service depths prior to digging. A passive 60 Hz detection services as an excellent safety feature for identifying live underground primary and secondary utility cables. An optional ground return probe allows ground fault detection on unshielded electric services or sheath faults on telephone services through the technique of voltage gradient.

Product Description

The Megger L1071 Portable Locators are built with multiple transmit/receive frequencies that offer precise long or short range locates. This test eqiupment from Megger provides high power at low frequency eliminating the difficult multipoint grounded utility locating problem. It is designed with with a push-button depth measurements up to 15 ft that helps in locating service depths prior to digging quickly.

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