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Megger TDR2000/2P Dual Channel Cable Fault Locator

MEGGER TDR2000/2P Dual Channel Cable Fault Locator 
  • 15 internal trace memories provide for the storage and recall of test result
  • An ‘intermittent mode’ continually updates and shows any transient reflections
  • A full graphical help screen is available with keyboard layout and individual key operation

Product Details

MEGGER TDR2000/2P Dual Channel Cable Fault Locator

Specifically for the Power industry, Fused Croc-clip lead set 2m, 300V CAT III (415V Phase to Phase), Intermittent fault location, No blocking filter required, 15 memory trace storage & Weather proof to IP54.

Ideal for engineers with little TDR experience, the TDR20000/2P can perform single or dual channel measurements on a wide range of metallic cables.The Megger TDR2000/2P is a state of the art, Monochrome dual channel Time Domain Reflectometer, capable of identifying and locating a wide range of faults on cables from a few meters to 20km depending on cable type.

Cables can be compared with each other or with previously stored traces from memory. Good and bad cores in multi core cables can be compared and just the difference displayed.

Either dead or Live cables to CATIII 300V Phase to earth or 415V phase to phase can be tested. The TDR2000/2P is supplied complete with pairs of 2metre long fused test leads, fitted with 30mm gape crocodile clips for easy connection to large diameter cables. No blocking filter is required.

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