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Metrel MD 9010 Digital Multimeter

METREL MD 9010 Digital Multimeter 
  • EF detection: non-contact and probecontact electric field detection
  • Automatic detection of AC voltage, DC voltage or resistance
  • Easy to read : LCD display, 3-5/6 digits, 6000 counts

Product Details

METREL MD 9010 Digital Multimeter

The MD 9010 is one of the smallest and lightest digital multimeters for everyday use. A wide variety of possible applications, high accuracy, a large LCD display and extremely good value for money are key features of the digital multimeter.


- DC and AC voltage
- DC and AC current measurement
- Diode test
- Resistance measurement
- Continuity test
- Frequency measurement
- Capacitance measurement
- Non-contact detection of electromagnetic fields

Key Features

• Autocheck function: automatic detection of AC voltage, DC voltage or resistance.
• Auto-ranging: no need of manual ranging.
• Pocket-sized: small, thin, ergonomic design.
• Lightweight: 78 g only.
• Acoustic signalling on continuity test.
• EF detection: non-contact and probecontact electric field detection.
• Safe: protected against wrong connection and overvoltage (CAT III / 300 V and CAT II / 600 V).
• Easy to read: LCD display, 3-5/6 digits, 6000 counts.

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