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Metrel MD 9020 Digital Multimeter

METREL MD 9020 Digital Multimeter 
  • Auto-ranging:  user can switch between auto and manual ranging
  • Data Hold:  data hold feature freezes the display for later view
  • MAX Hold: MAX hold feature freezes the maximum measured value

Product Details

METREL MD 9020 Digital Multimeter

The MD 9020 is a high-quality digital multimeter, designed for everyday use in the laboratory and for maintenance and repair in the industrial sector.


- DC and AC voltage up to 1000 V
- DC and AC current measurement up to 10 A
- Diode test
- Resistance measurement
- Continuity test
- Frequency measurement
- Capacitance measurement
- Temperature measurement

Key Features

• Temperature measurement: measures temperature in Celsius up to 300 °C and in Fahrenheit up to 572 °F.
• Frequency measurement: up to 1 MHz.
• Lead alert: incorrect lead connection alert.
• Auto-ranging: user can switch between auto and manual ranging.
• Relative zero mode: relative function for comparing the difference between signals or removing background noise.
• Data Hold: data hold feature freezes the display for later view.
• MAX Hold: MAX hold feature freezes the maximum measured value.
• Safe: CAT IV / 300 V, CAT III / 600 V and CAT II / 1000 V overvoltage protection.

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