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Metrel MI 2092 Power Harmonics Analyser

METREL MI 2092 Power Harmonics Analyser 
  • 64 parameters can be monitored or recorded simultaneously
  • MS Windows compatible PC SW PowerLink serves for downloading
  • Harmonics measurements and filter selection & Consumption profile recording

Product Details

METREL MI 2092 Power Harmonics Analyser

Three phase, multifunction power quality analyzer suitable for performing all the most frequent measurements and diagnostics in different electrical systems.


- RMS Voltages, Currents (average, min. max.)
- Harmonics Analysis THD
- Power Active, Reactive, Apparent, Cos f, Character, Sign
- Voltage events (dips, sags, interruptions)
- Periodic Analysis
- Statistical Analysis
- Anomalies (events) Analysis
- Neutral Current (calculated)
- Meter mode – tabelaric results
- Scope mode - osciloscope
- Frequency
- Optional remote modem communication support.
- Optional: 110 V version.

• Three current and three voltage inputs combined with an internal memory module allow recording up to 4 weeks
• 64 parameters can be monitored or recorded simultaneously
• Instrument can be programmed either directly or via PC
• MS Windows compatible PC SW PowerLink serves for downloading, management of recorded data and preparation of test reports
• Wide range of accessories makes the instruments suitable for a variety of different applications

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