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Metrel MI 2130 VoltScanner

METREL MI 2130 VoltScanner 
  • Ideal solution for IT managers who want to control input voltage
  • Instrument can be configured either directly or over PC
  • EN 50160 Auto mode & Recording of voltage interruptions, dips, sags and swells

Product Details

METREL MI 2130 VoltScanner

High performance, digital, one phase voltage recorder.


- Pre-set voltage limits for power quality assessment in accordance with EN 50160.
- Recording of power supply outages and transient over voltages.
- Quick voltage quality assessment for unskilled users.
- Optional: 110 V version.

VoltScanner is a 1-phase voltage recorder for testing supply voltage on a socket in accordance with EN 50160 power quality standard.

Recording up to four weeks is possible and up to 3500 events can be stored into the instrument’s memory module.

MS Windows compatible PC Software ScanLink supports downloading, management of recorded data and preparation of test reports.

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