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Metrel MI 3300 PAT Demoboard

METREL MI 3300 PAT Demoboard 
  • Presentation of safety management of electrical equipment in seminars
  • Presentation of typical safety problems on electrical equipment
  • Continuity of equipotential bonding & Touch leakage current

Product Details

METREL MI 3300 PAT Demoboard

PAT Demoboard is intended for demonstration of electrical equipment safety management.


- Protection classification (except simulation area): Class I
- Nominal input voltage: 230 V (+6 %, -10 %)
- Optional on request: 115 V (+6 %, -10 %)
- Power consumption: 15 VA max.
- Overvoltage category: CAT II 300 V
- Frequency range: 45 Hz to 66 Hz
- Pollution degree: 2
- Working temperature range: 10 °C 36 °C
- Storage temperature range: -20 °C +50 C
- Maximum humidity: 95 % RH (10 °C 36 °C) non-condensing


Typical applications are:

• Presentation of safety management of electrical equipment in seminars, courses.
• Presentation of typical safety problems on electrical equipment.
• Practical demonstration of measuring instruments (performing tests, making right connections, analysing measured results).

Different values of electrical parameters that are usually checked during an electrical equipment safety test can be simulated. Error states can be switched On or Off. The following electrical parameters can be simulated:

• Continuity of equipotential bonding
• Insulation resistance
• Leakage current
• Touch leakage current
• Polarity of cables
• Functional operation

A practically unlimited number of different pieces of equipment (portable and handheld appliances, machines, switchgears) can be simulated by using different demonstration tables. Eight tables are included in the standard set. On demand the PAT Demoboard can be simply upgraded with new demonstration tables (special applications, country design, etc.).

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