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Omicron CPOL Polarity Checker

OMICRON CPOL Polarity Checker 
  • Provides a clear indication as to whether the polarity is OK or Not OK.
  • Can be used with Wiring Check tool of CMControl P.
  • Can be used with the polarity checker software of Test Universe.

Product Details

OMICRON CPOL Polarity Checker

Polarity Checker checks a series of terminals for correct wiring (replacement for battery checking method). In conjunction with a CMC test set the signal can be injected into the primary side of a CT. Thus, the correct polarity of CT wiring can be included in the test.

Further Information

A special continuous test signal (voltage or current) is injected at one point with the CMC, then the polarity at all terminals can be checked with CPOL. Following this procedure provides a clear indication as to whether the polarity is OK (green LED) or not OK (red LED). This procedure is much faster than the conventional method and can easily be performed by a single person.

CPOL can be used with the polarity checker software of Test Universe and the Wiring Check tool of CMControl P.

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